Presbyopia Contact Lenses for Clearer Eyesight!

Being short-sighted, I have to always put on my spectacles or contact lenses in order to see things that is of a near distance away. Otherwise, I am as blind as a bat, and I feel very helpless without them. And so, funny or silly as it may sound, but I used to feel envious of my parents or older relatives who have prebyopia, or more often known as Lao Hua Yan (老花眼). This is because they are able to see things that are afar, which is something that I yearn.

Presbyopia, or more commonly known as "老花眼", was a term I learnt when my parents started to wear glasses in their 40s. I was puzzled back then, as I have always known them for having perfect eyesight. That was when they explained that they have presbyopia - A natural condition (comes with age) where a person gets blurry vision when he or she is looking at nearby objects, but clear vision when seeing anything that is far away. It is the complete opposite of myopia, or short-sightedness.

As much as my parents know that they require to wear the prescription glasses for their farisightedness, they usually wear it only when they need to read at work, or when reading the papers and surfing the internet and Facebook on their laptops and smartphones at home. Otherwise, they do not wear it as they find it a hassle to bring it out when they are out.

So what happens if they are out in a restaurant and need to read the menu? Or when they are using their phones? They do what usually people with far-sightedness do --- Hold the menu at an arm's length! This is how you usually spot people with 老花眼 right? Haha! :p

If your parents or even yourself are facing this problem, where wearing spectacles just for presbyopia is not a habit, or think that one look better without glasses, read on for there is a SOLUTION!

Introducing CooperVision's
Proclear multifocal contact lenses!!!

 photo 5df7d251-ae76-46d4-b83c-b0791091e767.jpg

These are disposable daily prescription contact lenses which presbyopia patients can put on.
Say goodbye to spectacles!! Proclear is the only lens material cleared by the US FDA for the claim: The lenses may provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms related to dryness during lens wear.

Right now, there is a free 5-day trial for the CooperVision Proclear 1-day multifocal lenses.
There is a small fee of SGD15 to get a mandatory eye check at one of the participating optical stores, which can be used to offset the purchase of a minimum 2 boxes of lens at SGD150. This promotions ends 08 April 2015. So hurry! Go to CooperVision's website by clicking [HERE] now! ;) 

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