Italy 2014 Part 2: To Italy, with Singapore Airlines

If you have read my previous blog post, you would already know that I flew to Rome and toured Italy all by myself. If you have not, click [HERE] to read! :)

Upon arriving at Singapore Changi Airport slightly before midnight, I checked in my large-sized baggage, while bringing onboard my cabin luggage and trusty LV travel sling bag. I loved how Thy Black Beauty's black PU Leather jacket (c/o KissJane) kept me looking chic while keeping me warm during the 13-hours flight! And yes, this is me without makeup.

 photo IMG_3140.jpg

Excitement filled me as I boarded the plane, the insatiable feeling of flying solo was devouring me (in a good way), every second while waiting for the plane to depart. I flew with Singapore Airlines for this trip to Italy. Usually, I do take SQ flights for business trips, and those were solo trips as well. However, this trip was different, being alone for more than 10 days in a foreign land. Furthermore, I could not imagine myself not talking much, or to anyone for 13 hours! Or would I be? ;)

This is the Business class section of the aircraft.
 photo CIMG0031_.jpg

Lights out... Time to snooze!
 photo CIMG3119_.jpg

The spacious legroom area of the business class seat
 photo CIMG3116_.jpg

 photo CIMG3120_.jpg

 photo CIMG3131_.jpg

 photo CIMG3132_.jpg

I always have a good experience on all of my SQ flights. The meal services and the constant drink+snack sessions were fantastic. There is no way that one will ever be hungry on a SQ flight. I had a chit-chatting session with the crew during the lull period! Thanks to them for keeping me company, else I would have been so bored from having no one to talk to! Haha!

Throughout the long flight, I had a movie marathon and watched three movies at one go, before I finally called it a night and took a short nap. Waking up slightly before the plane was bound to land, I freshened up in the lavatory by doing my facial routine and then makeup. So there you go, that was how I spent my 13-hours onboard!

Prior to landing, my usual routine...
 Cleanse my face and apply light makeup!
 photo CIMG0033_.jpg

There you go! With foundation and eyebrowns drawn!
 photo CIMG0034_.jpg

And soon, it was time for landing! Roma, oh Roma!!
 photo CIMG0035_.jpg

My Italy 2014 Travelogue
PART 2: To Italy, with Singapore Airlines (Currently reading)

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11 November 2014 at 20:53

Wow! So cool! I wish I get to tour Europe and the States with my family some day.

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