Italy 2014 Part 1: Hello Solo YOLO!

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PART 1: Hello Solo YOLO!

This post is the first of the several few which I will be sharing on my blog, with regards to my travel trip to Italy in September this year. It actually did not take me too long to decide on going to a holiday, as well as the holiday destination.

It all started out in the afternoon on 01 September 2014, when a sudden thought of visiting Italy came into my mind. Perhaps, it was the magical power of the Trevi Fountain in Rome that came into play, since I threw a coin into the fountain a few years ago. And you know what they say about doing so... It ensures a return trip to Rome! :p

Within the next 24 hours after having that thought, I finalised my trip and made the flight booking as following: To depart from {Singapore - Rome} on 12 September, and to return from {Milan - Singapore}.

Within the span of 1.5 week prior to my trip, I have gotten sponsorship from KissJane, a multi-label fashion company with several stores in Singapore. They have generously sponsored my daily outfits for the whole trip! That got me excited as I was looking forward to take my OOTD shots wearing those fabulous pieces that I hand-picked for myself to wear! In addition, The Cloveri, came onboard as my accessory sponsor for the trip! I felt so lucky to have these angels in my life! Pictures of the outfits and accessories will be featured in my Italy blog posts, hence look out for them! 

Apparel Sponsor:
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Accessory Sponsor:
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I termed the whole last-minute trip decision as my "YOLO Moment", especially since it all started from a sudden (and perhaps, passing) thought, with only 1.5 weeks to prepare for the trip, and for the very fact that I was going to travel by myself in two European cities!!! Yes, me being the solo Female traveller to Roma! Therefore, I cannot find a better title for this blog post, other than "Hello Solo YOLO". ;)

Not many people knew that I was traveling in Europe all by myself. A female traveling alone. I was excited of doing so, yet at the same time, I did not share this fact openly on social media for my own personal safety reasons. Afterall, information such as (1)" I am traveling by myself" and (2) "Where I Am Staying", should never co-exist and come hand-in-hand in any solo female traveler's social media accounts! 

I shall end this post by thanking the higher power above for keeping me safe throughout the whole trip, while having a time of my life in Italy! More posts to come, stay tuned!

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2 Response to Italy 2014 Part 1: Hello Solo YOLO!

22 April 2016 at 10:51

So brave traveling solo. You inspire me !
I've never done that before, maybe I should.
One question; do you feel lonely, & if you do, how to deal with it?Thanks

22 April 2016 at 10:55

I've never travel solo before. You inspired me!

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