THE ENTERTAINER: Phone app for 1-for-1 deals

I have a new app which I have been using rather regularly
after downloading it on my iPhone.

The app is called "The Entertainer"...
It is available for all smartphone users.
 photo DSC03466_.jpg

 I have saved about SGD263 in just ONE MONTH 
ever since I downloaded this app!

 photo photo-1.png

You must be wondering how I got these savings through an app. 

Thus, I want to share with you on how to
Dine Well,
Live Well,
Play Well,
Travel Well,
but at...

 photo DSC03477_.jpg

STEP ONE: Download "The Entertainer" app on your smartphones, available via the various platforms:

 (1) Apple App Store for Apple users ;
(2) Google Play Store for Android users;
(3) Windows App Store for Windows phone users;
(4) and even on BlackBerry World, if you are still a BB user for the matter. :p

 photo DSC03475_.jpg

As an iPhone user, I downloaded the app via the Apple App Store.
 photo DSC03470_.jpg

STEP TWO: Register an account on "The Entertainer" app.
Simply view the demo video as per below.

With that, you can start to enjoy a limited number of
1-for-1 deals via the app!
But... How do you save EVEN MORE, just like how I did?
Simply purchase the Full Version of The Entertainer App to unlock all the offers available! 

Read about it at the end of this blog post!

With more than 1000 establishments in Singapore (as well as around the region such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Thailand, Seychelles and more) partnering under "The Entertainer" program, there are many "Buy One, Get One Free" deals for all members. I am very sure that there will certainly be something for you, your partner, friends and family! Whether it is for dining, spa and wellness, travel, hotel, dance, gym and more! Most of all, I absolutely love the fact that these deals are available 7 days a week, for the whole year round!!!

Yes, the full version comes with an annual one-time fee of SGD95. I do understand paying SGD95 may be quite 'unbearable' in the initial stage. But you can get back your "capital" just by dining in a restaurant for a few times, and you can 'break even', and continue enjoying all the 'Buy 1, Get 1' promotion for the rest of the year! Tried and tested by Yours Truly, so let me share with you how I saved so much!

The first time that I tried out the app was when I had my dinner at Cafe Iguana, during my staycation in one of hotels near Clarke Quay area (More about my staycation in a future post). I was searching for a place to eat near the hotel, so I used the 'Near Me' feature in The Entertainer app to search for nearby restaurants. There were places like Fern & Kiwi, Brewerks, Little Saigon, etc.., But I chose Cafe Iguana eventually as I have always been curious about this place (unique name, unique cuisine). 

 photo Iguana1.png photo Iguana2.png

Hence, if you are like me, who likes to entertain and dine with friends outside, this app is for you. Just about 3 times of redemption of a main course in a restaurant will have you getting back the capital... And the future redemption will indeed be your savings! 

As I mentioned earlier on, The Entertainer has 'Stay 1 night, Free 1 night' promotions with their hotel partners. For the recent Good Friday long weekend holiday, I decided to take a short trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since it was going to be a 3D2N trip, I searched on The Entertainer app for hotels in KL, and there were a few hotels which emerged from the search results. In this way, I only needed to pay for 1 night of the hotel room at its Best Available Rate, and I can stay for TWO NIGHTS for the price of ONE!

But of course, before I confirmed on my room booking with my choice hotel (Intercontinental Hotel KL), I did search for other hotel room booking alternatives such as through third-party online hotel booking websites since they always have great rates (and discount codes to boot!). And just to share with you, after comparing from various sites and channels, the best savings came from booking the hotel via The Entertainer. One plus point was that as I was booking the room directly from the hotel, I also enjoyed accumulating the IHG Reward Points as Intercontinental Hotel is under the IHG corporation.

Check out the pictures below of how I redeemed
the 1 night free via The Entertainer app,
upon arriving at the Intercontinental Hotel KL's front desk! :)

Step 1: I made a room reservation via email to Hotel Intercontinental KL
and arrived at the hotel.
 photo P1050051.jpg

 Step 2: Searched for 'Intercontinental Hotel KL' on The Entertainer app
and keyed in my password.
 photo P1050054.jpg

Step 3: The front desk staff keyed in their password and
took note of the voucher number for their own record.
 photo P1050055.jpg

Step 4: Ta-Dah! Money saved!! And off I go, into my room! :)
 photo P1050062.jpg

I liked how I can keep track of my Redemption History via the app. 
Check out my redemption made in the month of April!
This can be your way to track your ROI. Lol!~

I really appreciate that I got this app, with the compliments of The Entertainer team. And in actual fact, I have been telling my friends of the perks and savings that I got from this app, so much so that there is a super high chance that I will subscribe to next year's edition! This is because the hotel promotion of a free 1 night stay is more than enough to attract me, being an avid staycation and holiday traveller! (^_^)

If you want to find out more on The Entertainer, 
check out their sites:

But then again, don't think... JUST SUBSCRIBE TO THE APP!
Go to your app store now and download this app.
There's so much $$$savings$$$ waiting for you!!!


Try out the app for ONE MONTH,  for just SGD19.
Top uo another SGD76 after one month if you choose to use the app till year end.
Full app allows you to redeem your offers till 30 December 2014.

To purchase your one-month access to the Entertainer app, click on below link:
And do key in the unique promo code: @felizaong.
This offer is until 05 June 2014, get yours today!
 ** UPDATE: The Entertainer team is extending this one-month trial till end June, and it will be at SGD15 instead! Hurray!

Oh, The Entertainer team is conducting a lucky draw to all customers who have downloaded the one-month app using my promo code (@felizaong). Winner gets the FULL VERSION for free! Make sure you key in my promo code! Good luck! :)

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5 June 2014 at 11:19

Great app review, Feliza!! I've downloaded it to test it here in the States!! And of course, I'm sure it will help when I (eventually) travel more!!

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