DBS Marina Regatta 2014 - Dragonboat, Drum and Cosplay Fun!

Visited the DBS Marina Regatta last year on my own accord, of which you can check out the posts [HERE] and [HERE]. I enjoyed myself thoroughly - Watching the exciting dragon boat races and taking photos of cosplayers who dressed up and did their thick make-up to look the part of the characters which they were cosplaying as (Kudos to them for doing so despite the sweltering heat!).

This year, DBS Marina Regatta, Singapore's biggest water sports festival, was held over two days, on 17 and 18 May, and I was invited there as a Social Media Influencer (SMI). Actually, I would have gone for this event even if I did not have the invitation, as I am very much interested to watch the dragon boat races. But one good thing about being one of the SMIs of this event was that I got to go for a media bumboat ride and be nearer to the action! :)

Went onboard this bumboat!
 photo P1070089_.jpg

Following photos were taken
onboard the bumboat!

 photo P1070090_.jpg

 photo P1070092_.jpg

The bustling activities that were happening right infront of the DBS building.
 photo P1070093_.jpg

 photo P1070095_.jpg

View of the Singapore Merlion Park from the bumboat
 photo 1070102_.jpg

DBS's charity movement of providing a free meal to a primary school student supported by the Student Advisory Centre for every selfie taken at the DBS Marina Regatta was amazing! There have been a few thousands of selfie photos posted and hashtagged with #DBSMarinaRegatta on Instagram. Imagine the number of free meals for these kids!!! Wonderful way of combining social media and charity!

My selfie photo hashtagged with #DBSMarinaRegatta
 photo photo41_.jpg

 photo photo52_.jpg

 photo photo23_.jpg

 photo photo44_.jpg

 photo P1070118_.jpg

DBS Marina Regatta 2014 saw more than 140 dragon boat teams paddling it out in the 200m (17 May) and 500m (18 May) races. The paddlers came from tertiary institutions, corporate, as well as regional national teams. The competition was intense for sure. Due to the wet weather on the second day, all races were cancelled except for the International Premier category.

 photo P1070120_.jpg

 photo P1070132_.jpg

 photo P1070133_.jpg

 photo P1070134_.jpg

 photo P1070135_.jpg

 photo P1070136_.jpg

 photo P1070136_2.jpg

 photo P1070138_.jpg

 photo P1070140_.jpg

 photo P1070143_.jpg

Other than the dragon boat races, there were other activities happening around the event venue - Such as the Asian Food Festival that had stalls selling food of various Asian cuisines. One can dance to the drum beats at the Asian Drum Challenge where percussion teams battled it out.

Here's the Samba Masala team, from SMU.
 photo P1070149_.jpg

 photo P1070151_.jpg

I continued my walk along the Marina Bay
and took the following shots...

 photo P1070152_.jpg

 photo P1070154_.jpg

 photo P1070159_.jpg

There was a giant screen that was showing the races "live". Afterall, it would have been too far to watch it that upclose. I knew I had to take this shot when I saw a group of ladies dressed in pink, looking at the screen. It was the lady that was wearing the Pink Ribbon Walk t-shirt that caught my eye. For those who have been following my blog/Instagram for a long while, would have known that I started supporting the annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign since past few years ago.

 photo P1070160_.jpg

 photo P1070161_.jpg

 photo P1070163_.jpg

 photo P1070172_.jpg

I totally loved the cosplay displays that I saw last year at the DBS Marina Regatta! This year, the cosplay event was larger! There were so many cosplayers which came dressed and acted the part of the various characters found in animation, comic and games. Teams from 9 countries competed for the title of  "Finest Cosplayers in Asia". Took photos of some of them, before I called it a day at the event.

 photo P1070187_.jpg

 photo P1070188_.jpg

 photo photo21.jpg

 photo photo14.jpg

That is all for my post for DBS Marina Regatta 2014.
Do check out #DBSMarinaRegatta on Instagram for more pics posted by others!

** All photos taken with Panasonic mirrorless camera GX7m 20mm lens,
except selfie photos were taken with the iPhone 5**

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