Salon De Choix: Hair Color and Soft Rebonding


(I was actually 99.5% done with this blog post, and a stupid swift action of mine caused everything to be deleted, thus I had to retype this whole entry once more as auto saved the blog post almost immediately, that I had absolutely no effing way to recover my almost-completed draft. Zzz...)

My last hair perming job was about 6 months ago at my hair salon sponsor, Salon De Choix. I liked that the perms gave me more of the sexy, 'born free and I-care-less' and "女人味"  feel. You can see how pretty my curls in the photos below! Check out my blog post of my hair perm by clicking [HERE].

Salon De Choix Hair Sponsorship for October 2012 photo IMG_9967_.jpg

 photo DSC02252__zps2fad0b35.jpg

Salon De Choix Hair Sponsorship for October 2012 photo IMG_7738.jpg

 photo DSC02264__zpsfd46d383.jpg

Getting your hair permed comes with the after-perm responsibilities such as using hair care and styling products specially for permed hair. To be honest, it may be time-consuming for busy individuals. It was nice to have permed hair for once, but I decided to go for soft rebonding. Soft rebonding is different from the typical rebonding, as it gives a natural straight hair look... Not the super straight type which you will end up with if you choose the latter process. And to share with you guys, I have not done soft rebonding in my life before. So it was my first time! I was my first time having my hair permed few months ago too (Was also done at Salon De Choix).

This is how my hair looks like before my recent trip
to Salon De Choix.
 photo DSC02815__zps528ca3a7.jpg

Waves loosened up to be more natural! :)
It's nice, IMO. But I was thinking of having straighter hair.
 photo DSC02823__zps840fc374.jpg

 photo DSC02816__zps4b444194.jpg

 photo DSC02830__zps6ad963d2.jpg

But erm, this was how it looked like from the back view... :x
Yes, I have to do something about my hair.
So I leave it to the awesome Elein from Salon De Choix to help me with my hair dilemma... 
 photo DSC02831__zps798a7583.jpg

And as usual, drinks and snacks for me.
Complimentary by Salon De Choix
. And that includes the cup noodles, if you are hungry. :p
 photo DSC02861__zps15dc0196.jpg

We started with the soft rebonding for my hair. First, by applying the soft rebonding cream. Second, let it work its magic by waiting for about 30 minutes. This is to actually break down the chemical bonds of my hair structure, resulting in having hair that is more smooth and silky. Elein, my hair stylist, then washed my hair and blow dry it, before using a hair straightener on my hair.

 photo SalonDeChoix21041304_zps9a7c0091.jpg

Elein then curled my hair inwards, which had me looking so chic!
 photo DSC02863__zps47b06f2e.jpg

Overnature is the latest color collection by
Loreal Professional for Sping/Summer 2013.

6 different hair color techniques in 3 categories: 
Pop, Sophisticated and Cool nature.

The color techniques were inspired by nature.
Thus they are in the shapes of leaves, 
as you can see in the pictures below. 

I chose the Feminine Wave technique,
under the Sophisticated category.

 photo SalonDeChoix21041303_zpsdbfbf4f5.jpg

 photo SalonDeChoix21041302_zpsc6cef225.jpg

I have only done dark red highlights before, and that was like many years ago. This time round, I was looking for a change, to have some red in my usually 'brown-only' colored hair. Elein went through a short consultation with me to understand better on what I was looking for. Eventually, I chose the Magenta Red from the Majicontrast range to be used to color the hair that has been partitioned out through the 'star' shape. I chose to use #13 under the Majilift range as my base color. I requested that the red will not be too bright so that it will still be suitable for work nonetheless.

 photo SalonDeChoix21041301_zps9f4ab9d3.jpg

Abby, did the base color for me.
And I was hoping so much that it would turned out to be
what I term it as - Honey brown color.
 photo DSC02872__zpsee73975f.jpg

 photo DSC02873__zpsd247442e.jpg

The red dye for the 'star' shape.
Honestly, I was shocked lah. I was telling Abby, pls pls make sure that my hair will not so red.
Otherwise, I really can't accept it due to work.
Elein assured me that the color will not turn out as bright as the dye, and so I felt better.
I really trusted them hor? Haha! :)
 photo DSC02875__zps88aa02b0.jpg

Are you able to see the kinda 5-corner shape that's being dyed red?
 photo SalonDeChoix21041305_zps9f1cff6b.jpg

After awhile, it was time to wash the color dye from my hair.
And may I declare my love for Salon De Choix's shampoo chairs?
They come with massage functions!
Imagine getting my hair washed and massaged, 
while my body gets a massage too?
SPLENDID, I tell you! :p
 photo DSC02885__zpsf35940b6.jpg

 photo SalonDeChoix21041306_zps00bcdcb8.jpg


 photo DSC02892__zpsbae634bc.jpg

A few drops from 2 of these Mythic Oil bottles were 
mixed with my treatment cream.
This is a concentrated oil that nourishes the hair, 
making it feeling supple and looking healthy and shiny!
 photo DSC02893__zps7ca1ddf8.jpg

 photo DSC02894__zps54041049.jpg

My hair was washed once again, and blow-dried, 
before having a hair trim.
I bet you can't wait to check out my new hair color!


I LOVE my hair color lah!
And how smooth and silky my hair looks and feels!
 photo SalonDeChoix21041307_zps4798446d.jpg

Elein did temporary curls for me using the hair curler.
Nope, it will not affect the soft rebonding effect, 
if that is what you may be worried about.
 photo DSC02914__zps96e180f6.jpg

 photo DSC02916__zps5c25a452.jpg

 photo DSC02917__zps6f37d6da.jpg

I was admiring my new hair look in the mirror when I spotted that my dark eye brows did not match to my lighter hair color. So I requested for Elein to color my eyebrow, of which she did so. She also told me that dyeing of one's eyebrows, using the same color dye shade(that's used for your hair) is possible, and it is complimentary. No extra charge at all. I highly recommend that you dye your eyebrows to a lighter shade, if you are dyeing a lighter color. Otherwise, it looks weird, IMO. Ok, you may need not do so, if you have very sparse and little eyebrows. But for my case, it was totally unavoidable... a MUST-DO.

 photo DSC02924__zpsadb67462.jpg

Check out my BEFORE and AFTER the eyebrow dyeing.
 photo SalonDeChoix21041309_zpsb53cc069.jpg

A photo with Elein!
Thank you very very much for your patience and all of your effort.
Without you, I won't have pretty hair, 
which have me to look and feel like a million bucks!! :p
 photo DSC02928__zps9545f842.jpg

This was taken at night, on the same day I colored my hair.
 photo DSC02937__zps2b62c044.jpg

I am so glad that there is a need to 'hide' my red hair shade
(ie. Meeting clients), all I have to do is to pin up my fringe! :p
 photo DSC02941__zpsbc9dd034.jpg

Soft rebonding + Treatment rocks!
My hair is free of split ends, and my hair is so smooth! LOVE IT!
 photo DSC02958__zps5c9eba39.jpg

My new hair! My new look!
Thanks to Salon De Choix!

 photo SalonDeChoix21041308_zps494297b0.jpg

If you are interested to make an appointment at Salon De Choix,
mention my name 'Feliza'  when you call to the salon 
and get 15% discount off your total bill~
(Not applicable for promotions)
CALL TO BOOK AN APPT: +65 68362959 

For more information about Salon De Choix, 
check out their  FACEBOOK !!!

Have a hair makeover now!~ ^_^

Salon De Choix is located at: 
3 Killiney Road #01-06 
Winsland House 1
Singapore 239519

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Styles Chong
27 May 2013 at 07:30

Eh sia lah, this is right below my office! Tempted to go there for quite long. How much did it cost?

6 August 2013 at 17:27

Hey, your blog has very useful information and I am daily reader this blog really enjoyed every moment and I spent with it

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4 September 2013 at 20:54

Get different hair style in big hair also and look different absolutely.

22 October 2013 at 13:36

for your inner curls, does it last? or its only for a day?

16 November 2013 at 00:30

@sharlene The temporary curls can last for days as long as you don't wash your hair! Haha! You can simply tie your hair into a bun to have the curls to last for a few more days.... And use dry shampoo!!!

8 December 2013 at 22:55

hi, how much does your soft rebonding cost? =)

11 January 2014 at 11:57

How much does it cost?

5 February 2014 at 11:48

Hi Feliza,

You look younger after the hair dying!

~Pauline @Kallony

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