DBS Marina Regatta 2013 - Dragon Boat and Cosplay

Did you get to read my previous post on the DBS Marina Regatta 2013?
If not check it out by clicking [HERE].
I was there for both days, and boy, the weather was really hot!

I think other than watching the dragon boat races, as well as people-watching (I mean, c'mon... You can't deny that there were gonna be hot bods all around given the frequent and tough training that these rowers have! Heh~).... The next best thing at the event was the photo booth for people to actually have their photos taken by the photographer at the tent, posing with props and all! The photo would be transferred via WiFi to a large touchscreen and you can send the photo taken to your email inbox!

Just like this pic that I took! (^_^)
 photo photo1_zps35009481.jpg

And I thought it would be nice to take one 
with the Marina Bay Sands building in the background. :)
DBS Marina Regatta 2013 - Dragon Boat Race photo DSC03110_2_zpse3330083.jpg

It was certainly exciting to watch so many teams within Singapore and the region competing among each other. There were even the teams from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. It was my 2nd time watching a dragon boat race. But my first time watching dragon boat races at  "Singapore's Biggest Water Sports Festival".

 photo photo4_zps9aa2dd33.jpg

 photo DSC03022__zps65484d45.jpg

I read that there was quite an increase in the number 
of female participants this year,  as compared to in 2012.
DBS Marina Regatta 2013 - Dragon Boat Race photo DSC03027__zps9d5c2288.jpg

I saw one team doing their warm-ups before their race...
DBS Marina Regatta 2013 - Dragon Boat Race photo DSC03051__zps633d9ba4.jpg

That determination, enthusiasm and hope within each rower 
was obvious... To give their best, for themselves, for their team~
DBS Marina Regatta 2013 - Dragon Boat Race photo DSC03060__zps5ccc2eef.jpg

The starting point for the 200m dragon boat race....
DBS Marina Regatta 2013 - Dragon Boat Race photo DSC03075__zps3808d53f.jpg

Shot of a team after a fierce race which they have given their all.
Every stroke and beat matters during 
that short frame of time during the race.
DBS Marina Regatta 2013 - Dragon Boat Race photo DSC03076_2_zpsf842e2a5.jpg

DBS Marina Regatta 2013 - Dragon Boat Race photo DSC03077__zps2eac479e.jpg

I was walking around the event ground and I 'stumbled' upon the Regatta tent. I saw that there was some sort of a 'cosplay (fashion) show" whereby some cosplayers were up on stage, strutting away, showcasing their cosplay costumes. Honestly, I have no idea what the anime characters that these cosplayers are dressing up as. But still, I took some shots. Heh~ Do you recognize any?

DBS Marina Regatta 2013 - Cosplay photo DSC03092__zps2f99fa9f.jpg

DBS Marina Regatta 2013 - Cosplay photo DSC03090__zpsd5a6381f.jpg

DBS Marina Regatta 2013 - Cosplay photo DSC03101__zps3580a9f5.jpg

DBS Marina Regatta 2013 - Cosplay photo DSC03094_2_zpsbc41633d.jpg

DBS Marina Regatta 2013 - Cosplay photo DSC03100__zpsa21a2db9.jpg

DBS Marina Regatta 2013 - Cosplay photo DSC03104_2_zpsf51dca4c.jpg 

 I think this Samurai dude has the best costume lah
Imagine wearing this in the sweltering heat?!!
I was wearing a tube and shorts outfit and I was melting already!!
KUDOS to you!!
 photo DSC03104__zpsa4937257.jpg

DBS Marina Regatta 2013 - Cosplay photo DSC03105__zps8ff906ec.jpg

Although the competitive dragon boat races are over, but do check out the Bay Festival that is happening at the Waterfront Promenade @ Marina Bay on this coming weekend - 24 and 25 May 2013! There will be close to 50 teams that would be taking part in the invitation dragon boat races on 24 May (2~6pm). Sign up to try out dragon-boating or kayaking for free, on 25 May (36pm, registration starts at 2.30pm on first-come-first-served basis). There will be percussion competition and music performances by local acts like Jack & Rai, as well as Electrico. Check out the DBS Marina Regatta site for more info, just click [HERE].

Check out this vid!
 A quick summary of the dragon boat event last weekend!

I found this video on Youtube (see below) and thought I would like to share it with you. I did not stay till the closing ceremony on Da 2 of the event so I did not have the chance to video this.This video shows the kite-flying display which was really beautiful. I do know of kites with LED lights, but not that that can do spirals! It was rather amusing at the 3:10min of the video. I can't help but to think that they look like tadpoles (or you know, sperms, too. Haha!). Firework display was nice, seems like a good budget was put into the firework costs, considering that it was for a race event. Good job! I do like the sparkly fireworks, that falls like gold dust. Magical sight!

(Credits to the person whom filmed and uploaded this video online).

So go on, check out the Bay Festival this weekend! Ciao!
 photo photo1_zps2f059c63.jpg

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