Shopping: Gucci Tie

A new career signifies a new story in one's life.
And with that, a new tie to start off the career.
For luck... and more luck! ;)

Gucci Tie

Shopped at a few luxury brands and this tie caught my eyes.
And caught me by surprise too... As I am not a fan of Gucci actually.
The logos are subtle-looking in natural lighting. Not as obvious.
The above right photo is the closest as how it looks like in real life.

Gucci Tie 02

How do you choose your ties - Be it for yourself or as a gift?
Maybe I should share with you on that one day . ;)

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9 September 2012 at 15:18

I always said that you are pretty, not because of making you smile but Feliza, you are a girl who is exetremely beautiful, hot With a beautiful voice. The one that win your heart will be the most blessed man. Especially waking up each day, seeing you lying beside, and kissing your sexy lip, looking into your killer eyes, hugging and smelling you, listen to your beautiful voice, how blessed will be the man. You are beautiful princess. D3lonely

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