Impersonating me on Facebook!

I guess it feels good to be Feliza Ong. 
Else, why would a person be even bothered to create a fake Facebook profile account and pretend to be me? I will accept it if there is someone who has the same name (Feliza Ong) as me and uses it as her Facebook name... I mean, if you search for 'Michelle Tan' on Facebook, a looooong list of Michelle Tan profiles will appear.

And if you are Michelle Tan (no offence if this is your name~), you can't fault anyone for using 'Michelle Tan' as her Facebook name right, since 'Michelle' and 'Tan' are very common names and surnames. I mean...  Do you know another Feliza Ong, other than myself? Almost 0% possibility right? BUT that profile was using my NAME and my PHOTO, for goodness sake.Total 100% full impersonation. Super pissed and disgusted that there are such people in the world. Are they too free or something?


Facebook Fake_

After this impersonation case was brought to my attention, I reported this profile to Facebook, and also got my friends to report it too. The fake profile was eventually taken off after a few days. And fyi, my personal Facebook profile account is not under 'Feliza Ong' by any chance. ;)

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17 July 2012 at 01:07

Many girl will wish to be you,to be so beautiful and sexy,to be so lovely and attractive, to have a sweet and sexy voice like you, but too bad,there will only be one feliza,the always beautiful and special feliza,D3lonely

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