The Pink Me in Orchard

The weather was excruciating hot last Saturday! However, that didn't stop me from making my way down to Orchard for a day of shop+dine. You can't stop a girl from her shopping when she wants to, you know. Just like you can't stop a fitness nut from going to gym, or a gamer from his Diablo 3.

(Btw who plays D3? I do!)


Wore this out for the first time!
Bought this pair of Aldo sandals recently from London for ₤45.


ALDO vorholt
Pic credit to ALDO.

First stop was to make the stomach happy. So a lunch meal it was, at TCC Wisma, since I have been thinking of the baby crayfish pasta for quite some time. That's my most favorite main course from TCC, by the way. And I pray hard that it will never ever be removed from the menu. Cos ages ago, TCC had this snack dish called Beef Mozza Tofu, which they removed from the menu a few years ago. Ever since then, I missed that so much. Thus, I don't want the same to happen to my Baby Crayfish Pasta.

Pan-seared Chicken Breast with Shogayaki Sauce


Baby Crayfish Pasta
It usually comes with wasabi roes (green-colored ones),
but I requested for the normal orange ones since I can't really take spice.



I have a sweet tooth. And I am a huge fan of Chocolate Lava Cake (Panna cotta, creme brulee and tiramisu too). And whenever I see it in the menu, excitement forms within me and I would want to give it a try. That was what I did, and the lava cake from TCC was disappointing! Contrary to the name of this dessert dish in the menu, 'Dark Devotion' failed to have me developing any form of devotion for it.

This would be the first and last time that I will order the Chocolate Lava Cake from TCC!


I was all smiles, thinking how wonderful I could indulge myself in the chocolate lava cake (only to be disappointed upon tasting the cake). But nonetheless, I liked this pic that my Sis took of me. :p


Other than the food, we ordered Strawberry Mocha Latte,  Toffee Choc Frappe, Scarlett Lagoon iced tea (NICE! Give it a try!) and Raspberry Orange ice tea. Afterwhich, we went to shop in the boutiques nearby and eventually it was time for dinner. 

We had our meal at East Ocean, which is a Chinese Teochew restaurant located in Ngee Ann City, level 5. We ordered 4 dishes in all. And I have to say that all of the dishes which we ordered were all to my liking. The chicken crisp skin was fabulous, so was the wondrous taste of the soup. I am usually not a 'fish' person (though trying to order and eat fish whenever possible), but I have to say that the fish was very fresh, cooked well and the accompanied 'gravy soup' was nice to drink it on its own, or even to pour it on your rice. Total bill came up to about $175, as the fish was about $80. Thus, if you omit out the fish price (as well as the GST and service fee too), the food at East Ocean is rather reasonably priced.

170612 02

Sis was telling me about the East Ocean's dim sum offerings too. And I couldnt wait to try their egg custard buns (Gosh I simply love 流沙包! If you know of any places that sell really good 流沙包, do tell me. TIA~), egg tarts and the adorable PENGUIN baos. WOW BOW NOW!

Sis took this shot of me, which I think it looks really nice despite that I was eating. Hehe!


First time wearing this baby pink Grecian top, hot pink shorts, and Aldo sandals.
Paired it with a pair of awesome heart-shaped earrings (with the 'Love' word intertwined in it).
As well as with the Dior tote bag.

170612 01


Taken back at home.
Tired from all the walking, but very happy.

170612 03

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You really look very attractive in this dress,d3lonely

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