Review: Samsung Galaxy Note (Pictures + Videos)

It's a phone!
It's a tablet!
It's Samsung Galaxy Note!


The Samsung Galaxy Note is a device that combines the capabilities and functionalities of a tablet and smartphone into one. And thanks to Samsung Singapore, I had the opportunity to review this awesome creation which is fast gaining popularity! I have read reports which mentioned that Samsung had already shipped out more than 1 million sets in less than 2 months!

It is certainly a wonderful on-the-go mobile device!

And if Size Matters To You...
The Samsung Galaxy Note (or 'Note' for short) boasts the largest HD Super AMOLED display with excellent clarity (1280 x 800). This simply means clear, vibrant and sharp images shown on the screen, and this is one of the few features of the Note that I like. The 5.3" screen makes it the smallest tablet around, but yet large enough that it minimises the need to scroll down pages or moving the page from left to right.

If you are wondering if the Note will fit into your front jeans pocket, yes it is able to... But only if it is a pair of jeans for Men. You need not try fitting it into the pockets of a pair of skinny jeans or those ladies' tight jeans. That won't do.

It is that stylishly slim...

And if Looks Matter to You...
The Notes gives a mimimalistic feel - With only the Samsung logo and the rectangular homescreen button. There is a tiny camera lens hole at the front for the 2.0mp front-facing camera. The back is as simple too, with the 8.0mp back camera (with LED flash) at the centre, and the speaker at the bottom left. I have to add that the speaker is really loud and clear... I can be in the living room and I am still able to hear the music playing from my Note in my bedroom.

Samsung Galaxy Note Front-Back

And if Performance Matters to You...

The Note is powered by the Android OS, a dual-core 1.4GHz Samsung Exynos processor and uses a removable 2500 mAh battery.


It comes with a stylus and Samsung calls it the S Pen, which fits snugly into the stylus dock. Thus, you need not worry that it may drop out if you are holding onto your Note when you are out. The S Pen comes in handy for those users who dislike having fingerprints all over the screen.


Instead of typing out your document or note using the onscreen QWERTY keyboard, you can actually use the S Pen and write on the screen as the Note is equipped with the handwriting recognition software. But do not put too much hope that it can recognise each and every word that you write (Well, at least for me!).

Creating Memos will never be a boring and dull thing to do with the S MEMO! In one memo, you can include web links, image, drawings and voice memos! The text recognition converts your handwriting to text. I like that I can actually position all my 'add-ons' freely around the memo note. I can even crop a picture and save the cropped part as a memo. I feel the S Memo is useful for people who are coming up with creative ideas while on the go. This feature will allow the easy and swift input of their ideas for future brainstorming and whats-not.

The ability to tap and hold in order to capture an instant screenshot is one of my top favorites, as the screenshot can be opened up in the image editor immediately for me to doodle on it, or to circle out a particular building in the map which I had just did a screenshot of. Also, this is absolutely useful if I have an urgent document to send out which requires my signature. Once I am done with all the editing, I can save it on my Note, or the most awesome thing...... Send it to social media sites or to email them out! Check out the YouTube video for a demo on this! :D

What an integration of the several features that I regularly use,
even before I was using the Note!

Picture and video quality is of good quality. Watching videos with the Note is certainly more enjoyable than on my iPhone 4, due to the large screen, screen clarity and great sound system. the video maker is quite an impressive feature, so much so that I can use the S Pen and write or draw on any part of the video screen and then save the video (See below Youtube video for a demo!).

What's Next...
There will be apps that will optimize the use of the S Pen to a great extent in such brilliant ways! The Soonr Scribble allows one to annotate any file and store it in the cloud, like Dropbox. The ZigZag Board allows a few people to look at the same screen from different devices and annotate on the file that they are discussing. Certainly useful for group discussions!

In Conclusion...
I really like that the Samsung Galaxy Note is a hybrid of a smartphone and a tablet, and of course with other uses of it being a camera, ebook reader and game set. This will allow me to carry just one device instead of the multiple devices that I will need for each requirement of mine. The vibrant screen and clear sound system is enough to attract me... And I simply can't resist the S Memo feature. The only drawback of the Note is the size. Despite it being the smallest tablet around, it is really weird when I use it as a phone. It cannot fit into my jeans/shorts pockets, thus it is really a hassle to carry it around.

Together with the phone and battery, it comes with the charger, and a pair of earphone (with ear buds included) that is in a very mismatched white color. Why White??!! I have no idea too. It does not come with a microSD card, so you have to purchase it yourself should you want the extra storage space and option.


And before I go, let me leave you with a quick Samsung Galaxy Note commercial.

See ya!

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8 January 2012 at 08:09

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It's a very big phone, my colleague has one and it looks good especially for ladies.

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Are you alright,princess? Hope you feel better soon. D3lonely

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