Adios 2011... You have been great! Hello 2012!

So we bade farewell to 2011 and welcomed 2012...

When you looked back at 2011, was it full of happiness and fond memories? Or were there any kind of regrets or unfulfilled resolutions of yours? For myself, it had been a great year... Full of ups and downs and new challenges faced. And to keep it short....

  • I started off the year with a short trip to KL and Genting.

  • Was invited by the Sentosa Marcom team to visit the Sentosa Boardwalk before its official opening. This place is a must-visit place whether you are a visitor to Singapore or a local. It is espeically romantic at night, imo.

  • I got to do a Chinese New Year "Lo Hei" onboard the Singapor Flyer, 165m above ground level! And it was my first time on the Flyer. Lovely experience! :)

  • My addiction for exercising started in February. I had to exercise at least thrice a week else I felt weird. However, my current job and social life kinda changed my exercise regime (sadly!), which I plan to get it back in this new year!

  • Invited by for a movie experience at the Premier theatre at Shaw (Nex). It is certainly an alternative to Golden Village's Gold Class seats. And what's more it is located very convenienently to my home. :)

  • February was probably the most exciting month for me as I became one of the ambassadors for Watsons. With the monthly sponsorship and products, as well as the beauty workshops specially organized for us, I was able to share with my blog readers, as well as Watsons Facebook fans, on those exciting and wonderful products which are retailing in most (if not all) Watsons stores! And not forgetting, posting up pictures on Twitpic on those products I hauled/received from Watsons, and those Watsons member-only events which I went to!

  • In March, TheBlogShop became my apparel sponsor! I got to select the clothes which I like and would love to wear. I got to play dress up... Take photos of myself wearing these pretty clothes and sharing them via my blog posts, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Somewhere in Q2, I did a career switch and entered into a new industry (whereby I needed to adjust and adapt to my job's steep learning curve quickly) which got me busy ever since. I am thankful that I found a job which I like, and which I look forward to work every morning. I deal with customers from the Asia-Pac region, which also gave me plenty of travel opportunities to those countries, which led to new knowledge and experiences gained. And most importantly, I am blessed with a good team of manager and colleagues locally.

  • As much as I love French food (Think: Escargots and Foie Gras!), I appreciate the French music and culture too. It was an unforgettable experience where I was taken on a magical journey into Edith Piaf's life through her songs performed by various artistes. I would love to visit France again, to immerse myself in the country's rich culture and sit outside a cafe by the roadside and sip coffee, while watching the world go by.

  • Invited to become a member of the 'by-invite only' Dell Access Program, consisting of members that are regarded as brand advocates, influential media personalities and key influencers. So far, I got to attend other events organized by Dell such as this event where I got to test out a new P Dell laptop while learning more about Breast Cancer and detection/prevention of it.

  • I went on a 6-days vacation to Bangkok in August.

  • And a 3-days road trip to KL/Genting, also in August.

  • I had the opportunity to embark on a journey towards a slimmer silhouette with Marie France Bodyline, which you can read the blog posts and view the pics by clicking [HERE].

  • Had a wonderful and fun-filled staycation, thanks to Quincy Hotel!

  • Had a short HK weekend trip in October. A lovely dinner at The Mistral.

  • Had an enjoyable and lovely trip to Hong Kong with my dear family in November. (Blog post not up yet).

  • Partied in Taipei over a November weekend. By myself! Taipei is one of the best places in Asia to club!

  • Made one of the phone calls to the Police Hotline. I am no phone prankster, but I am someone who do not hesitate to call the Police to report about incident/accidents. And I am not those (boliao/ignorant people) who called to the Police to complain about their neighbours or their lost pets (But in the first place, I do not have a pet).

  • I partied at ZoukOut, yet again! That was one hell of a fun time that night! (Blog post + Pics to be up soon!)

  • And if having so many Philips appliances at home is not enough, my new Philips products for 2011 consisted of (1) Reading Light (given together in the media kit when I attended the Living Space event); (2) iPhone docking station (it was something I wanted, and it was a gift.); and finally (3) a LED-technology Eye Care Desk Lamp which I won from Joe (TechieLobang) blog giveaway in November!

  • Had a great Christmas staycation at Hilton Hotel with my dearest family. Nothing is as special as spending Christmas with them... The people who will stand by me no matter what happens.

If you are wondering how my Countdown was, I spent time with my family, watched the fireworks performance once the clock struck twelve midnight, and went to bed about 1am++. Very simple but nice way to usher in the new year.

Honestly, I know I have not been really blogging actively ever since I started on my current job (as compared to when I had my previous job). But I have been updating on my life through my TWITTER and INSTAGRAM accounts! (^_^)

Nevertheless, I would really like to thank each and every of you who had not gotten bored of my blog and whom are still visiting it regularly. One thing I intend to achieve in 2012 is to blog regularly! Which it should be easier for me to handle now, afterall I am more or less adapted well into my job already. What's more, I am gonna manage my "Work-Family life-Social life-Blogging life" in a better way from now on! So once again, I really appreciate all the support from all of you! Love you all lots! XOXO!

Before I go, I would like to wish everyone a good 2012...
Filled with lotsa love and joy, good health, heightened success and prosperity!

Have a great year ahead! (^_^)/

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5 January 2012 at 07:40

The only thing about your eyes even without make up is attractive. D3lonely

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