Unfurgivable! So have a Brazilian Wax @ Strip!

Recently, I went to the Strip Co-Ed Beauty Emporium located in Dempsey.
I was invited for a Brazilian Waxing Session at STRIP...


This was in conjunction with PETA's Anti-Fur Movement, where it is UNFURGIVABLE to wear or kill for fur/skin. I felt that it was a brilliant blend of marketing and social responsiblity move. If you aren't going to be wearing fur, you shouldn't have any fur down South too! :p


Despite the years of being to Strip, it was my first time to the outlet at the Beauty Emporium. I was drawn to their interior design (I have a thing for beautifully-decorated places)...

This was REAL dried-up paint. Totally amazing~


And there's the squeezy toys for those who need them!

Ahhh... Now we're talking~ :)
Nothing beats knowing that my VJJ is not sharing any of these with other VJJs. LOL!


Let's give our VJJ a good wet wipe before the wax, yah? :)

I always love those verses, phrases or words which Strip always have on
their ceilings in their waxing rooms...


I could choose either the chocolate or strawberry wax... For me, I chose the strawberry wax after trying it for the first time back then (Read my blog post on Strawberry Brazilian Waxing HERE!). You know how the top area of your VJJ may get irritating when the hair grows back and they are all like stubbles? But with this strawberry wax, it is not at all! Probably it is because of the additional ingredients of Chamomile and Aloe Vera, which helps to calm and sooth one's skin. :)

Other than the usual 'Do not wax just before your mensuration period as your skin will be more sensitive' tip that most wax therapists or friends will tell you, let me share with you one tip that I know (cos I read vastly! Duh!).... Schedule your wax appointment between 3 to 5 pm as one's pain threshold in at the highest during this period. This tip is also useful for those going for facial/skin/tattoo appointments. :p

I always feel liberated after going the Brazilian way each time.
I feel that my hygiene level goes up by 200%.
More clean and less messy during period.
And, more thrills behind closed doors.

Remember I mentioned about the Unfurgivable anti-fur movement
at the beginning of this post?

STRIP is having a special promotion for all you...
--> Brazilian Wax Virgins (It's about time to wax it off! Srsly~)
--> Brazilian Wax Lovers (You go, girl!)

From now till 31 December 2011,
you can get your fur off at only S$40 at all Strip outlets!

And for each brazilian wax done, Strip will donate S$1 to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) group. Christmas is coming... It's time to get all merry and jolly... So go get a wax done! Moreover, don't your VJJ deserves some air to breathe? Imagine I keep you in a room full of hay? :p Most importantly, have a wax for a good cause!

Unfurgivable Blogger Invite

Other than this promo, there is the Strip x Havaianas kit...
Get either the Top Ruby Red Kit or the Slim Purple Kit
for S$40 and S$45 respectively.


I chose to bring home the red or purple kit, and I chose the purple one.
Other than the pair of Havaianas slippers (and a little clip-on accessory where you
can choose the Red/Gold heart), there are 2 tubes of after-care cream for your VJJ.

Strip x Havaianas
(P/s: My very first Havaianas by the way!)

On top of that, there is a $5 gift voucher for you to offset your purchases
at all Havaianas stores in Singapore!


I thought what this was, till it was shared to me that this was a block of the
actual wax that will be heated up and melted!


So go on, have a brazilian wax done at Strip...

And celebrate life feeling carefree and liberated,
while doing your part to against cold-blood cruelty to animals!



3 Response to Unfurgivable! So have a Brazilian Wax @ Strip!

21 November 2011 at 02:02

No matter is now or 5 years ago, you always look so beautiful and sexy. D3lonely

23 November 2011 at 01:18

Be it with minimal makeup and specs or your today dress up or very strong make up, you really look very attractive and sexy. D3lonely

25 November 2011 at 01:12

Don't ever hide your face away, even if red dot cover your face, it won't hide your beauty. I believe you still look very attractive, feliza never be ugly before, so just show your photos. D3lonely

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