Philips Docking Station for iPod/iPhone

So I got this as a gift...
A Philips Docking Station for my iPhone...
♥For my listening pleasure♥


I was really surprised to receive this. I was glad that I finally have it, as I have been shopping around for a docking station. After my stay in Quincy Hotel and Hotel Quote Taipei, I know I need to have a docking station for my listening pleasure... I'm a music junkie! Anyway, you can check out the product details on Philips website by clicking [HERE].

The good thing is that the bass is awesome, I can play it real loud. I can charge my phone while playing my music too. It has the alarm clock/radio function... Though it kinda freaks me out sometimes when the radio turns on by itself in the morning and I get woken up by voices... But that's because my morning alarm is set to ring via the radio station, so the radio simply turns on lah. Haha! In fact, I can set my alarm to play my favourite music, buzzer alarm sound or radio station.

It's really nice to be surprised.
Loving my new toy.

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27 November 2011 at 01:06

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27 November 2011 at 16:56

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