Review: DHC Sube Sube Trial Kit

One of the DHC products I received from Watsons was this DHC Sube Sube Trial Kit. I have no idea what 'Sube' means though, haha! But this is the Olive Essentials Series and the key ingredient found in the products under this series is the Spanish Olive, which is believed to deliver intensive moisture and protection for all skin types.

DHC Sube Sube Trial Kit

Once you open the box, you will see the four products in trial-sized packaging. And there is a pretty dainty-looking bag too! You can use it to bring along with you during lunchtime... Something like those GWP bags that are usually given away with those Japanese mooks (magazine books). Just a suggestion for you, though the bag isn't my style~ :)

DHC Sube Sube Trial Kit

In this trial kit, there are:
(1) Deep Cleansing Oil 32ml; (2) Mild Soap 10g;
(3) Mild Lotion 32ml; and (4) Olive Virgin Oil 5ml.

DHC Sube Sube Trial Kit

With these 4 products, it is the beginning to 4 simple steps to skin beauty!

Deep Cleansing Oil - Cleanse
Mild Soap - Wash
Mild Lotion - Tone
Olive Virgin Oil - Moisturise

For the Deep Cleansing Oil, it helps to remove makeup really well. My skin feels smooth to the touch after rinsing it off! But of course, I am used to my double cleansing routine (makeup remover + facial cleanser), so I followed up with the Mild Soap. It does not feel as oily as Shu Uemura, since it takes only few drops of it to remove the makeup. Totally fab!

I also tried to use it to remove my eye makeup. I feel that it works well to remove eyeshadow, but I will not recommend you to use this to remove eyeliner or mascara - Tedious and your eyes may get irritated if they are too sensitive. Thus, after using it to remove my eye makeup for the first time, I never do that anymore. I chose to use an eye makeup remover for that specific purpose.

DHC Sube Sube Trial Kit - Deep Cleansing Oil

For the Mild Soap, I did not have that 'tightness' feeling, probably because this soap bar contains olive oil and honey. I managed to create much foam by rubbing the soap between both palms, quite fun actually~ :p It gives a 'squeaky-clean' feeling to my face after rinsing it off, more of squeaky than silky smooth, actually. My only gripe is that the Mild Soap comes in a soap bar form... I do, of course, wash my hand with hand liquid soap before I cleanse my face or remove makeup. But I can't imagine rubbing the soap bar, as it feels more like rubbing soap on my hands, get what I mean? :x With that being said, I do have to say that my face feels smooth after using this, but I think I will stick to cleansers that come in bottle/tube packaging. :)

DHC Sube Sube Trial Kit - Mild Soap

I like the fact that the Mild Lotion is an alcohol-free toner, as I read that it is better to use a toner that does not contain alcohol. I was surprised when I got to know that the Olive Virgin Oil is the moisturiser, as I usually associate olive oil as a product to apply onto your hair. It is amazing that all it takes was just 1 drop for the whole face! As it is only 1 drop, it is certainly not oily at all. There was one night where I applied 2 drops of it and it was rather oily that I quickly used it for my neck and my hair ends. *hee* One tip to use this is that if you have a pimple, you can dab a drop of the oil onto it, do not rub.

I tried this product over a period of two weeks before I did this review. These four products are considered as a simple skincare routine that is suitable for the busy individuals. I found it weird to use the olive oil as a moisturizer though; and with just a drop used each time, I am not sure if my face is moisturized enough (though I guess it is since olive oil has high moisturizing abilities!). There was slight outbreak on my face, though I have to factor in the fact that it was around the 'pre-period timing'. Out of the four products, I like the Deep Cleansing Oil most!

The full-sized version of these products are rather costly though, but for such quality and benefits, some may consider them as worth it to spend money on. [PRICELIST] >> Cleansing Oil (S$42), Mild Soap (S$26.50), Mild Lotion (S$52.50) and Olive Virgin Oil (S$69.50). So before you buy the full-sized products, you may want to buy this trial kit (S$38) to see if you like it and that your skin feels fine (or even better) after using it. :)

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DHC Sube Sube Trial Kit

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