More than just a technology leader: Apple Inc. (Japan)

You know, regarding this earthquake that occurred on 11 March... A day before that, I woke up after having a dream about Japan. And that afternoon itself, I had lunch at Sushi Tei. I can't imagine that the earthquake and tsunami happened a day after. :(

And on that same week of the earthquake, my favorite Uncle and Aunty was supposed to go for a holiday in Tohoku. But my Aunt decided to postpone the trip as her company has to do stock-take that week. If they had gone, their holiday trip will stretch past 11 March and something could have happened to them.

My sis flew off to Hong Kong on 11 March itself in the early morning. By right, she wanted to go to Tokyo but felt that 4 days (Friday-Monday) in Tokyo is not enough, as she couldn't get away longer than that due to work, so she switched her holiday destination to Hong Kong. Imagine if my Uncle, Aunty and sis had gone ahead with their initial plan? *horrors*

As much as I am relieved that they did not go to Japan, daily news reports and pictures of the aftermath are heart-wrenching enough that I cringed while reading/looking at them. :( Of course, there are the stories of the brave rescue teams who put in all their effort to search for surviving victims, for example... With this being said, I would like to share with you [this blog post] by Kevin Rose, who blogged about how Apple Inc. (Japan) had contributed in more ways than they should! Apple had shown that they are more than just a Mac... iPhone... iPad... Ok, I shall stop, you get my drift~ :)

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28 March 2011 at 00:12

Wow! looks like you have some kind of psychic powers that can predict the future? Do inform us in advance if you have any dreams about Singapore. Hehehe..

28 March 2011 at 09:41

Especially the next Big One... And I mean The ToTo Draw.. Lol

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