Natas Fair 2011, Singapore Expo. Tour Packages.

From what I gathered from the news, it seemed that many queued up even before Natas Fair 2011 opened its doors this morning. Natas Fair is the highly-anticipated travel fair that is held twice yearly in Singapore.

Travellers these day are so savvy that they had probably done their homework and know what, where and who to book from, for their upcoming travel trips. For myself, I know I am not planning any trips from now till June but I take great interest in this fair (till Sunday, 27 Feb) as it gives me an idea of the various tour itineraries offered by the travel agencies, the possibility that I may be able to travel out of Asia if my plans are done up properly and in advance (of course I have to consider the misc fees too), and not to forget, the amount I have to be prepared to fork out when I visit the second Natas fair of the year.

With travel information being able to be retrieved from the Internet easily, some may choose not to go with tour groups. I am not against tour groups, however I do feel that it will be better if one extends a trip if one has the financial means and time to do so - See more of that country, experience the local way of living and take a slower pace to explore that foreign place that one is in. In the past few years, I have gone on tour groups, as well as free & easy holidays. Both have their pros and cons, if you know what I mean. I shall not elaborate much as I have a feelin' that I will have LOTS to talk about, but...

For tour group packages, some may compare based on prices, and simply book with the agency that offers the cheaper price. This should be avoided, unless you are really on a budget. Then again, if you are on a budget, go elsewhere that is cheaper or don't even go anywhere at all so that you can start saving for that ultimate trip, right? Anyway, as I was saying... Price is not everything as it is always best to know the type of hotels that they will put you up in, the number of places to visit, etc.

Most importantly, read the itineraries carefully, to see whether [FOR EXAMPLE] it is a "drive past the Eiffel Tower and admire this global icon of France" or it is a "ascend the Eiffel Tower and admire the beauty of Paris from this global icon of France". And even if it is the latter, you have to know whether you will be going to the 1st or/and 2nd floor of the tower, or to the summit as well.

The 2 ticket types differs by only 5 euros (as of 26 Feb), but seeing Paris from the first or second étage (floor) versus admiring Paris from the summit is a whole load of difference! You want to have that unforgettable experience, don't you? Anyway that is just an example. When I went for a tour, the tour bus simply drove past a historical building that had great meaning. Maybe to most people, it is not a significant monument as compared to the Great Wall of China, but wouldn't it be nice to get upclose with it? Le sigh.

Of course, I have experienced some great group tours led by experienced tour leaders. And do you know there are some views that if one wants to visit X country under tour package, it is best to go to X agency, and one should go to Y agency if one wants to visit Y country? This is based on the expertise and focus of the respective agencies, you see... Which I am sure you already know this. :)

For now, I want to work hard so that I can have a well-deserved retreat with my loved one in A/W 2011 or Spring 2012 (no matter where it is, I will be just as glad to spend the time with him, seeing new sights and gaining new experiences). Afterwhich, it will be time to save more for something bigger, something that is of a life-changing event. Or maybe I should go somewhere nearer, and then use the whatever money saved as part of the 'life-changing event'? Hmmm whatever/wherever it is, I am just glad if I get to make trips outta Singapore! (^_^)

And a picture to end the blog post with... Oh Paris, je t'aime~ :)

Natas Fair 2011 is at Singapore Expo. Hall 4 and 5.
From 25 to 27 Feb 2011. 10am - 9.30pm

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26 February 2011 at 09:48

hey there. thx for dropping by~ i like ur fb pix n ur header pixx. so cute & sexy ^^

I really want to go to a great trip too.. like to europe ~~~ though I think it’s gonna be expensive.. my current goal is a cruise! hehe

xoxo hitomineko xoxo
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27 February 2011 at 18:38

You always look pretty in any dress but yes in black or red that you look more attractive. But it won't matter much, You just too attractive in all kind of dress. D3lonely

28 February 2011 at 10:22

Yes you're beautiful but not on Sunday, everyday you're beautiful. Think I saw you at bugis yesterday, you look even more pretty in real. Very sexy and very attractive. D3lonely

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