Keeping your Home Together, with Total Defence.

*Do your part for Charity. Info within post*

Defending Singapore is not only through serving the National Service or being in the various forces, but there are other ways in which we can defend Singapore. And we call it Total Defence, where everyone can play a part in keeping Singapore strong on all fronts.

And this year's Total Defence theme, "Home - Keeping It Together" sends a positive message of doing just that as we are the children of our motherland, no matter if we are living in Singapore or abroad. No matter where we are, there are certainly sweet cherished memories and shared dreams of the future that we have for Singapore.

I am sure you have seen the music video (as below) on the local television channels, where 39 local singers were involved in the new version of the song, "Home". The song was originally sung by Kit Chan, and was composed by Dick Lee in 1998. That was like 13 years ago (and I was still in Primary School then mann~). This new version is something refreshing, in my opinion... And something to reignite the sense of home and commitment to defend Singapore, as it is our Home.

Do your part for the people of your HOME!

Yes, and it is very easy! All you need is to do your part in the 'Click for Charity' drive! The aim is to raise $200,000 for the Community Chest, sponsored by 6 private organisations.

Simply head to the campaign website by clicking [HERE] and download the "Home" music video. For every 1 click, it means $1 will be donated to the various charity organisations. So we need 200,000 clicks and EVERY click counts! Attaining the 200,000th click IS possible and we are really close to achieve it! Each time that I refresh the campaign page, the 'click counter' increases by a few thousands each time! I know it will be possible and will be attained very soon, especially if you can play a bigger part in this charity drive by rallying your family and friends to download the video too at this [SITE]. :)

This charity drive closes on 31 March 2011. But you know what, I am sure we will be able to raise $200K really soon! There's the spirit of Social Defence within us, isn't it?

So once again, here is the [SITE] to visit
and download the music video! (^_^)

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