Smoocholito Birthday Contest!


It is so costly to own dozens of single color pots! So what to do if you are into colorful looks and love playing with colors for your eye makeup?

Smoocholito has the solution to that!

This blogshop is not the usual blogshop which sells clothes. Instead, they "bring affordable innovations into the lives of people"! Take for example...

The bra bag!
So girlish looking! I like!
Packing the bras in this hardcase bag when you travel prevents any damage.
Your pretty brassieres can travel in style too!

Paper Eyelashes!
Inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting...
Ting Yu Wang sets out to conquer the world, blending traditional and modernity.

I'm one who hardly wear falsies, but I'm lemming to try this pair!
It's really unique... Very different from those colored, 'loud', 'feathery' kind of falsies!
Right? RIGHT!

Remember at the beginning of this entry, I mentioned that Smoocholito has the solution to your secret desire of playing with colors for your eye makeup? :)

The Ultimate 120 Eyeshadow Palette (Manly)

With 120 eyeshadow colors comprising of rainbow hues and unique colors,
your desire is fulfilled! With money saved!


Do you want to know how awesome (It really is!) this palette is? Then stay tuned to my future post where I will be doing a review on this product. But first... I want to share with you the online photo contest that Smoocholito is currently having in celebration of their 1st birthday! (^_^)

Win $300 worth of shopping vouchers! YAY!

All you have to do is to:
(1) Purchase any product from Smoocholito ( and take a picture of YOURSELF with the product.

(2) Email the picture to and tell them why you like that product. Remember to leave down your contact details!

(3) 'LIKE' Smoocholito's Facebook page (

(4) Find your photo and 'LIKE' your photo!

(5) Garner more support and get your family and friends to 'LIKE' your photo!

The photo with the highest number of ‘Likes’
wins $300 worth of shopping vouchers!

Contest ends 30 November, 2359 hours! So HURRY!
And one more thing, ONE lucky supporter of the winning photo wins a mysterious gift!

Good Luck

2 Response to Smoocholito Birthday Contest!

6 November 2010 at 09:35

Any colour you put on, just don't change much. Cause even without any make up, you are just too attractive and pretty, so with more colour or not princess Feliza you are just too pretty. D3lonely

7 November 2010 at 23:59

You look very pretty and sexy in your facebook Profile Picture. Like the zip dress. You really look very sexy even it black and white photo. D3lonely

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