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For those who are currently working, are you working a job that you love? Is that your dream job? Or are you in this job just for the money, and perhaps the prestige or whatever perks that come with it?

Confucius once mentioned, “Find a job you enjoy, and you will never work a day in your life". But is that possible? I don’t think so, since you may have to put in hard work even if you are working the job that you like and have always dreamt of. But certainly, working a job that you love makes working more enjoyable and rewarding.

When I was tasked to share my dream job for this advertorial post, it got me to think back of all the dream jobs which I have ever thought of.

When I was in Primary school, I wanted to be a teacher after I had this teacher who was my source of inspiration, and it was she whom encouraged me to pursue my love for poetry-writing.

After my first plane ride, I wanted to be an air stewardess after seeing the pretty SQ girls in their sarong kebaya uniforms.

During my Secondary school days, I aspired to be Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) officer... Probably influenced by the need for law and order as I was in my school’s NPCC team. At one point in time, I even wanted to be a forensic scientist (that probably explains why I love watching C.S.I, haha!)!

After embarking on a Business course for my tertiary education, I developed an interest to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to manage my own business and have it prosper. I also thought that I would perhaps be a business strategist, analyst or marketer - where I can put my fine analytical and problem-solving skills to good use, since I get much satisfaction from such work. And this was why I chose to continue studying Business when I was in the Uni. I felt I should pursue a career in this area for this is where my interest lies.

But what exactly are dream jobs? Are they jobs that one actually enjoys doing? Are they jobs that one can only dream of since reality and the practice/social pressure of being practical may deter one from pursuing his or her ultimate dream job? Or are dream jobs considered as what they are as long as the job enables one to earn more than one can actually spend?

Dream Job Comic (5)

If I get to “dream a dream job” for myself, it will be a job which is related to my love for travelling, for I desire to discover new places and cultures which offer new perspectives and experiences. Afterall, travel is more than merely sightseeing, it is about uncovering ideas of living. Thus, my dream job will be one whereby I am paid to review luxurious hotels and resorts around the world - I get to sleep on the finest beds, indulge in lavish spa sessions and savor gastronomic work of arts by chefs. Perhaps as a travel host? Perhaps as a tour director? I don't know. :p

So I have shared my dream job with you.
Now is your turn to share yours in the Dream Job Contest!


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So what's your dream job?

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2 November 2010 at 23:49

The best job in the world is to work beside you. No job will be more blessing and reward then to work with a beautiful babe like you. So to see you each day, to carry your load or to serve you, will be the most wonderful Job in the world. D3lonely

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