Korean Beauty Brand Arrives in Singapore: Tony Moly

For my beauty blog entry this time, I am introducing the latest Korean skincare and makeup brand that has arrived in Singapore....


Tony Moly Marina Square

Currently, they have a store located at Marina Square. After their shop opening, they had some opening promotions and lucky draws for Tony Moly (TM) shoppers, which received lotsa response, as what I noticed when I viewed their Facebook page and Twitter account. The flagship store will be opened at Bugis Junction, probably in November (if I am not wrong).

Tony Moly

There were so many interesting products that were packaged so beautifully that I think I was in the store checking them out for a good 30 minutes or so. I was really intrigued with their skincare range, especially! I did not manage to take photos of those pretty products as TM's attentive and helpful staff were around (A good thing that they are so helpful and all of course. But I felt 'paiseh' to take and I wasn't sure if the management are ok with photography in their store, you see). So you HAVE to check out the store yourself.

But please do not enter a Tony Moly store with an empty stomach. You may get hungry when you see some of their skincare range that are packaged in the form of egg shells, tomatoes, oranges and apples! LOL! And who knows, upon seeing their 'Ice Queen' skincare range, you may start craving for ice-cream (and of course, Tony Moly products too!). :p

Tony Moly

I LOVE the wide assortment of colours that Tony Moly has for their nail polishes! I think I went on a color high upon seeing them and I was thinking of buying their yellow, orange, sky blue, pale green.... (and the list goes on). But I ended up buying only 3 bottles as I seldom paint my nails by myself as I think I suck at it. However, at such an affordable price for the polishes, no harm to buy and play artist with my nails, right? HEE! With many candylicious colors available, I think one can attempt painting their nails in rainbow colors!

Yes, I will buy more colors! :p
Tony Moly Nail Polish

When I told Bbb of my purchases,
he said I waste money since I hardly paint my nails by myself.
But how could I resist? Right?
And so to prove him wrong, I shall start painting my nails more often. :p

Code: OC01, BC01, BL03.
(Middle bottle is the base coat)

Tony Moly

OC01 nail polish was rather thick, and wasn't able to give a smooth finish for some reason. I had to buy a nail diluant to dilute the polish. :( But BL03 polish was ok, not thick at all. I like how this midnight blue nail color gives a some sort of a "two-tone" effect under light. :) You can see pictures below to see how the colors look like in the bottle and when applied on the nails.

OC01. Taken with flash.
Tony Moly

OC01. Taken under room lighting.
Tony Moly

BL03. Taken under room lighting.
Tony Moly

I think part of the hype for Tony Moly products locally may be because of their smart marketing moves of getting popular Korean celebrities to endorse their brand and products. (as I noticed some became fans of TM due to their love for the Korean stars, and not entirely for the products, which is rather sad as I think TM carries a good range of interesting and quality stuff).

Previously, Kim Hyun Joong represented Tony Moly for 3 years (but he has jumped ship to The Face Shop already). But that doesn't matter, as Tony Moly had signed Song Joong Ki to endorse. Honestly, I have no interest towards idolizing these two Korean male stars, though it will be awesome if I can ever see them in person.

And I am mad happy that Tony Moly had gotten the Brown Eyed Girls (B.E.G) to endorse the brand too! Of all the Korean groups, this is the ONLY group which I love and listen to their songs/watch their MVs often! (Read my previous post about BEG).

So if you ask me whether I was attracted to Tony Moly products because of BEG? No. In fact, I only knew that BEG is endorsing for the brand when I wanted to get more info about Tony Moly on the WWW. I merely discovered this store in Singapore, when I randomly went to Marina Square to eat on one random day. And boy, I am so glad I did something that random that day, how else would I discover the Tony Moly brand had arrived in Singapore? ;p

This is how the midnight nail color (Code: BL03) looks like when applied.
Taken with flash.

(Those white stuff are all the light reflection).
Tony Moly

Btw, this facial sheet mask was given to me free.
It was their opening promo where you receive one with any purchase.
Look out for their flagship store promos that they may have! :)

Tony Moly

Well, that is all for Tony Moly... But that's not all for this blog entry!
Cos I wanna show you my new makeup pouch!

(Oh! And you can see the nail color OC01 in the photo above.)

For those who don't know, I am into anything that is heart-shaped. So I gladly accepted this when my sis gave it to me. But I am not a fan for pink color though. If only they were red hearts, that would be lovely!

Heart-shaped Zip!

When I think of Tony Moly, I think of the phrase 'Holy Moly' which is used as an expression of surprise... Something like, "Holy Moly! You mean Tony Moly has finally arrived in Singapore?!"

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12 October 2010 at 17:47

Thanks for sharing. I am going to check them out. Nice entry :)

17 October 2010 at 04:12

@citrella Cool! Must check them out!

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