Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party

One of the parties which I attended during the F1 weekend was the Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party. Held at One On The Bund, I went to this party on the race day itself as the previous night was spent partying at Amber Lounge.

JW 01

Entrance to the Party

There were tons of people at the party. I wouldn't say it was very packed though. But a good number of people to make this party a happening one! The crowd started thinning out after 2am though...Probably heading home as they have work the next day (Monday), maybe? And I did not have to... The perks of my job! FLEXIBILITY! :p Anyway, we spotted a few celebrities too. Free flow of Johnnie Walker and food for the night (though I guess logistics were not very well-planned as some mixers were finished as early as 1am, and that's like the time that the party just got started and was super happening. What a pity.).

I arrived about 12.30am and this was the crowd at the party.

And I invited not one, but two gentlemen, to be my date for the night!
Oh lucky (greedy) me! ;p
JW 02

JW 03

JW 04

Playing with JH's geeky specs. I think I can pull off the "geek look".
What do you think? :p

JW 05

The view of Marina Bay Sands from the outdoor area of One On The Bund.


JW 06

I posted this photo on Twitpic (which is linked to my Twitter).
And a friend replied me on Twitter that I still looked sober (at 2.30am, fyi)
and told me to drink more! LOL!


My Look Of The Day (Night, rather).
Dress by Bebe.
JW 07


Photo credit to Jericho Photography.
Anthony and Feliza


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Back @ Home

TGIF again! Have a good weekend, peeps! :)
And Happy Children's Day to all the young ones and the young at heart!

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3 October 2010 at 01:21

You always look so attractive. D3lonely

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