Food Galore Food!

A quickie post with pictures that I taken for the food I recently had.
All photos were taken using the iPhone 4.

(1) Gyoza no Ohsho. This Japanese eatery is located at Cuppage.
(Read [HERE] to read my previous blog post on this place.)

I ordered the shio ramen.

Comes with a side dish so I chose fried rice. I shared it with Bbb (I knew I couldn't finish it). Bbb had gyozas for his side dish which we also shared.

Bbb's ramen. Some spicy stuff.


(2) Ichiban Sushi @ AMK Hub
Went there for lunch with friends, where we each ordered the set meals.



I had this set meal.

(3) Rosti from a food stall at Suntec City's food court.
This was nice, but it was VERY OILY. Bbb, Xuan and Eilleen agreed with me.
But since it tasted so awesome, I braved the oil and ate it all. Afterwhich, I went for a run that night to get rid of the extra calories! LOL!


(4) The HK cafe at Sembawang Shopping Centre (Forgot the name)
Mango dessert, with ice-cream, pomelo and sago. NICE!


(5) KFC Buddy Meal
Bbb had the Roasta Burger, which I took few bites.
I liked the fact that this is one of the healthiest burger around (Think: Roasted Chicken)


(6) I twitpic-ed this pic when I was doing my weekly grocery shopping.
Didn't know which to choose. Decided to try something different, so Nestle Fitnesse it was.
Have been eating it for last week. Rather nice, but still prefer my Post Honey Bunches. :)


7) Cadbury Caramel chocolate. Given to me, bought from UK.
Can this be found in Singapore? Pls leave me a comment if you know where!
It's CARAMEL! My fave!


8) My version of snacks - Nata de coco.


(9) Frolick raspberry flavor, with fruity pebbles and fresh kiwi fruits.
Bbb surprised me with a tub of this after work one day! I love to frolick! :p


(10) KOI bubble tea time!
Do you like drinking KOI? I think the queue at AMK Central is CRAZY! Toa Payoh isn't that bad (based on the two occasions I went there). When I was at the Bishan outlet, to get my weekly dose of the KOI caramel milk tea, I took the photo (as seen below). It seemed that these people adopted the "monkey see, monkey do" behavior.

Why queue in this direction facing the shop? Number one, you are blocking people who want to walk past. Number two, you would be standing under the freaking sun! Why not just turn the queue direction and stand along the side of the shop (along the metal thingy thats on the ground)?


(11) Vertigo lollies
Saw this at a 7-11 store. Bbb joked that eating this will solve my vertigo problem. LOL! :p

Last night, I had dinner with a friend at a place where I least expected a restaurant to be at. I will be blogging about it soon! :)

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