Citi Mobile. For people on the go.

I had a cozy evening at Charly T's last Thursday, where I learnt more about Citibank's phone app at a Citi Mobile blogger event.

The event was held at a cozy place for food and drinks with friends - Charly T's.

The restaurant had a very high ceiling.
And I kinda like the glass pieces hanging from it.


Group pic with the other bloggers at the same table as me.
James, Kelvin, Geng Hui, Me and Mus.

Chatting before a quick but detailed walkthrough of the app.

In between of food, we were guided through the app.

There're so many things that one can do while on the move by using this app.
And it is not just paying your bills and transfer funds!

Check out the neat interface of the app, in the bank's corporate color.

Prior to this event, I have already downloaded the app on my iPhone as I am a Citibank credit card holder, so I usually use the app to search for ATMs. I usually like to search for ATM machines that comes with the cash deposit facility as this is how I pay my monthly card bill. However, the app does not display this feature as of now (Hopefully in the future!).

In addition, having the knowledge that there are two Citibank ATM machines which enables cash deposit in AMK Hub, I did a search for ATM in Ang Mo Kio via the app but the search results did not reflect the two machines. Similar thing happened when I did a search for ATM in Paragon. If I am not right, I think the app only displays Citibank ATM machines that are without the cash deposit function. Anyone can verify this with me?

What I like most about the app is that I can search for retail and F&B establishments which have partnered witth Citibank to carry out special promos & privileges for Citibank credit card holders. With the app, I am able to search for nearby F&B and retail establishments based on where I am at that point in time. And searches can be done based on cuisines, merchants and SMRT stations. Way smooth!

How can I not take photos of the food that Citibank was so generous with? :p
I swear I was famished that day. But I left the place with a full stomach. I.LIKE.


We had 2 servings of this platter.

Charly T's served a good variety of wraps.
We ordered three different types to share among us.

Kelvin ordered the Casablanca Chicken Wrap, served with garden salad.

Geng Hui's sesame teriyaki chicken wrap, serve with butter garlic rice.

The Garlic Butter Rice

My order - Bratwurst and sauerkraut wrap, served with German Potato Salad. I reckoned I subconsciously ordered this as I didn't get to eat my Bratwurst sausages when I was at Brotzeit recently. :p

Closeup of my wrap. This is nice! ^_^

Games and lucky draws were conducted.
Lucky winners received Takashimaya vouchers, iPad or iPhone!
I was not so lucky. Better luck next time! :p

Cushion and memo pad in the goodie bag.

Exclusive Enjoyment! Mints in a flat casing.
I'm so gonna reuse this casing to store my mini mints in future! So compact!

By the way,
Citibank cardmembers enjoy a 10% discount off
la carte lunch menu & afternoon tea at Charly T's. :)

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