Back from Hong Kong

Touching down at the airport on Friday early morning, I got myself a bottle of bubbly - Just because I love drinking it. And really, there is no need to only drink it on special occasions. If I am forced to think of a reason to drink my beloved drink, I would say it is to celebrate LIFE! :p

Returning home to sleep, I woke up to find myself with a bout of flu and a very irritated sore throat. It was terrible since I was completely fine when I was away in Hong Kong. Perhaps I am allergic to Singapore? Well, thats what my friend commented jokingly after hearing that I was ill. Oh yes, perhaps I am~

Dinner was century egg and minced pork porridge. Eating that made me missed eating the pig's blood porridge which I had in HK even more! It's such a sad thing that one can never eat anything related to pig's blood in Singapore anymore. Sighhhhh!

After dinner, @anthonyl1m and I headed to Orchard for some comforting food - ICE CREAM! We had it at Maggie Moo's, located at 313 @ Somerset. Maggie Moo's is actually a franchise from the United States. We ordered a Fundae for each of us.

My fundae includes 2 ice-cream flavors - Cotton Candy (blue color) and Pink Bubblegum (pink color). Toppings given were gummy bears (which were hard and not gummy-ish, probably due to the cold ice-cream) and mini M&Ms. I asked if it was possible to switch one of the toppings with the mini rainbow balls but the girl said it was not possible. (Rather inflexible eh?) So I topped up S$1 for the 3rd topping since I love having mini rainbow balls with my ice-cream. :p

Bbb's fundae included the vanilla flavor and one more which I have forgotten, and with chocolate fudge poured generously on it. There was also a piece of brownie cake which was nice! Overall, it was rather sweet. I prefer my fundae to his. :p

Our Fundaes

This is my fundae. It all turned grey when all got mixed together. LOL.

I know, I know... I shouldn't be eating ice-cream especially now that I am sick. But ice-cream soothes my painful throat as always! After our ice-cream session, we popped by Forever 21 store. I made him to wear this feathery headband... The first thing that popped into my mind was this is the new-age Chinese vampire (Jiang Shi, 僵尸) head gear! (See picture below). By the way, I love watching those 僵尸 movies since young. Too bad there are only vampire shows like Blood The Last Vampire and Twilight. Can someone please bring back 僵尸 movies??!


Vespa jacket by Adidas. Nice right? Of course it is, it's a gift from me ok. :p

Bought this dress from F21
F21 -  Elastic Smocked Waist Dress
(Images credit to F21 site)

This morning, I woke up to visit the doctor for my flu and sore throat. And guess what? I have slight fever. The doctor prescribed 5 types of medication for me. After lunch, I took my medication and within minutes, I fell asleep (probably due to the effects of the medication) and woke up 3 hours later. Still feeling weak and giddy.

I hope this is not another case of tonsillitis. I wouldn't want to be warded into the hospital for 6 days and to be on the intravenous therapy aka drip again (that happened to me years ago). That period was so dreadful and I could not even talk. I was so weak that I could not even write out what I wanted to say. The only alternative was to write out the 26 alphabet letters and point at each letter and leave it to the other party to spell out into words.

TERRIBLE right? My throat was very painful last night that I chose not to speak. Hence, to communicate, I used the Type n Talk app which I have in my iPhone 4 (yes I bought it. I didn't blog about it, but you would have known if you have followed me on my Twitter.). I have to LOVE the developer, Jirbo, for this app. *HUGS*

Being sick and all...
Definitely not a good way to spend the long weekend eh? :(

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