World Cup 2010 title goes to SPAIN!

FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 title goes to

And that's their first time winning the World Cup title ever!
A 1-0 win over the Netherlands.

But watch this! Ooof....
(UPDATE: Ok, this pic got soooo popular that it can't be shown anymore.
But it's so epic,you have to see it! Go to this link)

The kick is as mighty as @anthonyl1m's muay thai kick. LOL!

Couple of days ago, I read this from BBC News: "If Spain win, I'm going to get drunk and ski naked in Biscayne Bay," says Enrique Iglesias, who is obviously just as passionate about football as he is about music. (Click here to read more).

Ok, I am waiting for those paparazzi to do what they do best and take some shots! I wanna see him in the nude!!!! Ok, perhaps I can't... But maybe to have him sing 'Hero' to me while I am lying in his arms is possible??? :p

Therefore, I was rooting for Spain to win so that Enrique will ski naked. And being influenced by him... Well erm, hours before the World Cup 2010 finals, I announced loudly at the life lobby to @anthonyl1m, "I will strip naked and run around, if Spain wins...". And just so happened a passerby walked past. @anthonyl1m said, "Shh! Don't anyhow say!". And I continued my sentence,"YAH! Run naked in my room!!!". And we both burst out into laughter. ;p

So, the verdict is out! Paul the octopus (Germany) is right, and Mani the parakeet (Singapore) is wrong! Gosh.... what will happen to Mani? I think the Indian man who owns Mani should not set up shop at Little India and simply stay home for the rest of the day. Or maybe for the rest of the week. I doubt he wants his parakeet to be in danger (if any)! :p

Now... Who's with me to eat those mini bird eggs or to drink bird's nest soup??? :p

*And I'm off to bed (05.20am)*

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12 July 2010 at 10:57

I hate tat octopuss T T

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