Sushi Tei - Dining and Winning!

A visit to City Square Mall with @anthonyl1m for lunch in early July. As it was during the lunch time, there were a lot of cafes and restaurants which offered their lunchtime promos. We almost decided to have lunch at Olio (as I was already super hungry by the time I was at the third level.), but then Sushi Tei (ST) was the final choice.

As usual, I ordered my salmon sashimi, with sesame dressing. With the generous servings of various types of sashimi, it always make eating my greens a delight! Sushi Tei has its own special salad dressing too, but I prefer the sesame dressing as it has a very unique taste. If you are thinking if there is sesame seeds in it, nope there isn't. This is one of the places that I will actually order salad when I eat. So you should really give this a try one day~ :)

Salmon Sashimi Salad with Sesame Dressing

There are many types of fish roe which can be used for sushis. I liked the ones used in the tobbiko makis as it has a "crunchy" feel to it. It irks me sometimes when the rice isn't fully covered with the fish roe though (see pic below). I think it will look even nicer if it is. :)

Tobikko Maki

The very common handroll that people tend to order - California Handroll. The handrolls made that day could have been prepared better. It was rather 'flimsy', thus the ingredients in the roll weren't being put in place 'snugly'.

California Handrolls

Beef lover @anthonyl1m ordered the dish (see pic below). This dish consisted of thin slices of beef that were served sizzling hot in a hot plate. An egg was cracked and immediately placed on top of the beef, which led to it being cooked in that high heat. Accompanied with a bowl of Japanese rice, one can also try the clear broth/gravy on the hot plate too. Despite the fact that both of us like eating beef, there was nothing much to shout about for this beef dish. There was only a slight taste to it, which my tastebuds deduced the whole dish as rather bland.


I also ordered some other sushi, but forogtten to take the pictures as I was happily eating while filling up my hungry stomach then. Hees. But overall, I liked dining at Sushi Tei. And it is something that my family and I do often. We often visit the outlet at Vivocity, but due to the attentive and friendly manager (James) and some lovely staff (HaiYan), we started frequenting the City Square Mall branch when they were transferred to this new outlet from Vivocity.

I always liked the service at all Sushi Tei branches (Ok, maybe not the one at Serangoon Gardens, and Eddy knows why!). The service standard, food presentation and food quality is so much better than another chain of Japanese casual dining restaurant found in Singapore... *cough* Sakae Sushi *cough*

I know this is an old news, but I have not mentioned it before in my blog., so its still NEW! :p Ok... So here goes... [LAST YEAR] When my parents said we were going to have dinner at Sushi Tei one day, I decided to bring along my (then) newly-purchased DSLR as I wanted to take pics of the food. And just when I was adjusting the camera settings, I saw something lovely that I immediately snapped it with my cam.

And then one day, I received their member e-mailer. There was something about a photography contest. I thought it would be nice to try my luck since my family dines at Sushi Tei often. It would be great if I am one of the winners, as I could win their dining vouchers.

So this was the contest details:
Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer or simply an avid fan of Sushi Tei, this photo contest is for you! Simply submit your creative shot(s) capturing special moment(s) experienced at any Sushi Tei outlet demonstrating why it is the... special place for fun-filled moments with your friends, family or loved ones.

Simply submit each photograph together with a tagline of no more than 20 words telling us a story, reflecting the atmosphere of the moment, the purpose of the gathering or simply what Sushi Tei means to you.

So the photo which I snapped was submitted for the contest and it became a winning shot! Fine... Not exactly the winning shot, but one of the consolation prize winners. But better than nothing - $200 worth of dining vouchers that was used to offset one family meal (Yah this's what we usually spent, plus-minus.), which bbb also came along for the meal. I also won a one-year T3 magazine subscription. So whoever buys T3, if you want my copy after I have finished reading it, lemme know. I can give it to you, but you have to pay for postage and handling (You still save $ ok! And saving the environment too!).

So you want to see the winning shot? :p
Click on this LINK!

(I think consolation prizes are to 'console' people for their effort in participating in contests. LOL! Similarly, like in 4D. But then again, I don't buy 4D.)

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