It's Shopping Time!

So these are my latest haul, as shown in the pictures below. Waiting for it to be shipped though. Well, even if you have no interest in seeing what I have bought, take a look at the models. I kind of prefer caucasian models with dark-colored hair... Reminds me of those venezuelan or mexican beauties. HEH! :p

Navy Sweetheart Neck Dress
(What a beauty right? Erm, yes... Her. But I am also referring to the dress. :p)Navy Sweetheart Neck Dress

TFNC Faux Belt Dress
TFNC Stud Belt Black Dress

Black Batwing Sleeve Top
ASOS Batwing Sleeve Top

Actually I bought this already...
But the cutting for this design is smaller than the usual size I buy for TFNC dresses.
And this dress is REALLY gorgeous in real life, so I decided to repurchase it!
TFNC Blue Peplum Dress

Indeed.... :)

SELLING the 2 new dresses below at a lower price!!!!
Interested, email me at felizaong[at]gmail[dot]com for price.

Dress 1: Peplum dress, lace details, good thick material, adjustable straps, Size S.
TFNC Blue Peplum Dress

Dress 2: Corset details at waist area. Beige color. Adjustable straps. Suitable for UK8-10.
Floral Dress 01

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24 July 2010 at 16:38

What a beauty right? Erm, yes... but i think when you put on the dress you will look even more attractive. You selling away dress 2? Somehow feel you will look very sweet and sexy on it, but no matter what you put on, the dress will always look pretty also, D3lonely

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