VOTE for me & you may win a HTC phone!

Hi everyone! I decided to take part in a contest, organized by HTC. It is called 'Celebrate ME'. So what I did last night was to make a photo collage of who and what that matters in my life.

You can help me to win by casting an online vote for me. It is totally free and it's done within a minute. And if I am one of the lucky winners, you stand a chance to win a HTC phone!

All you got to do is to vote via this site ( Fill in your personal particulars and then submit to cast the vote.

This is the photo that I submitted for my contest entry last night:


As participants have to write a short description of not more than 150 words, I wrote a short and simple poem. In the poem, I described the loving and supportive family that I am so fortunate to have, as well as what they have taught me - Not only to show my love and concern towards my family and friends, but also to others who are in need of help and concern.

So if you had followed me on Twitter (@felizaong), you'd have known that I was involved in a social community event on Monday, where about 60 volunteers helped to pack and distribute a total of 1540 sponsored grocery bags for needy residents of the Southwest District.

And if you had known me long enough (ie. certain friends), you'd have known that I started doing community work since young. In addition, for the recent few years, though rather sporadic but certainly better than none, I take part in charity events and outings such as the CCF's Tulip Hearts Day, spending afternoons after school at C.Home, group outings with eldely from daycare centre, and my recent donation of my clothes (some new and never worn at all, some worn only a few times) in December 2009 and 2010.

I submitted my entry rather last minute (today at about 5am), and voting closes on 18 June 2010, 5pm. So it was about 36 hours at that time before voting ends. And now, its less than 24 hours! So, anyway, I hope you can vote for me, so as to win a HTC Celebration Pack worth S$1K, and then I will be able to use it to celebrate my win with my loved ones!!! (^_^) And if cash is included in the celebration pack, I plan to give a portion of it to charity. - As a way to thank everyone who voted for me! :p

Here's the website to head to, to vote for me!

Just so that you know, winning entries are chosen not only via number of votes (that's just one of the criteria). There are other criteria, but nonetheless every vote counts, so do support me! :)

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