Orchard Road Flood (Personal Experience. Pics Included!)

As what I have mentioned in my previous post (where I blogged about the flooding situation at Orchard Road), that nothing's gonna stand in my way of my planned shopping trip this afternoon, YES... Not even when Orchard Road was hit by a flash flood today (16 June 2010). I also took photos which you can see below.... :p

Before I even reached, I knew that the flood situation would have subsided or be over and done with by then. Afterall, I believe that our drainage system isn't that bad, as compared to some other countries. Moreover, Orchard Road is such a prime district, I bet that after this incident, the Government will put in more effort to ensure that such flash floods will never happen, especially in areas such as Orchard Road or the CBD area.

But one thing I am puzzled with - It was reported on 20 November 2009 that Singapore will experience flood once every 50 years, as seen in this article. Erm, it's less than a year. Can anyone explain why today's event happened then?

Well anyway, I reached Orchard Road about 3pm. By then, the street was cleared of water, vehicles can move easily and there were not many signs of flooding. But many businesses were badly affected, especially those shops located at the basement level of Lucky Plaza.

My previous post mentioned that Lucky Plaza basement level was flooded.
So here's a video I found in Youtube.

Everyone was busy sweeping the water away....
Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_7

...Into this hole.
And then the water/debris was pumped out into a huge orange tank truck.

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_8

Imagine you are one of the staff working at these shops,
but it's your off day today. You are one lucky dude/chick! LOL!

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_9

This shop placed cardboards on the floor. Not sure it's Bossini or Baleno.
It had to be closed for business. When I walked past again at 6pm, the staff were all busy packing the clothes into cardboard boxes, preparing to be brought away. To where, I dunno.
Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_10

So I continued my walk to Paragon as I had planned to shop there today and then I witnessed a bad after-effect of the flash flood. You know that Rolex centre between Lucky Plaza and Paragon? It is located in Tong Building, and guess what? The basement private carpark suffered BADLY from the flood. See pictures below...

Poor Lorry...
Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_14

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_16

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_12

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_17

Civil Defence Force @ work...
These men not only fight fire okie....

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_13

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_18

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_19

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_20

Oooo.... They are from the Central Fire Station!
I visited this station a few months ago, you can read about my trip over [HERE].
Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_21

Kpo people, as kpo as me.... Heheh~
Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_15

After shopping for close to 3 hours in Paragon and happy with my latest purchase, plus an eyebrow threading session at Browhaus, I went back the same way that I came from and boy, they were still draining the water! But at least, the water level was lower.

At 3pm, the water level was up till half of the lorry's headlights.
At 5.45pm, the water level is seen as below...
Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_23

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_24

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_22

And some photos from my friend's FB photo album.
The flood in the morning.
Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_26

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_27

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010_28

Oh well, even if it's once every 50 years, just let it be. But we shouldn't put the entire blame on the drainage system. Afterall, the debris and rubbish that get washed off by the heavy rainfall this morning into the drain may be one of the reason for today's flash flood in Orchard Road? Who knows? So always throw your litter into the refuse bins.

Rain is grace; rain is the sky condescending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life. - John Updike

UPDATED: The 3rd blog post (put up on 22 June 2010) with more pics of the flood. Click [HERE] :)

9 Response to Orchard Road Flood (Personal Experience. Pics Included!)

16 June 2010 at 22:10

It's cos ppl don't take care of the environment and of mother earth! :(

16 June 2010 at 22:12

@Daphne Agreed!!!!!

16 June 2010 at 22:40

Boring blog

16 June 2010 at 23:25

Always throw your litter into the refuse bins.
Agree! =)

17 June 2010 at 00:27

@Anonymous Thanks for your feedback. Will see how I can improve. :)

@Hong Wei Yeap! ^_^

17 June 2010 at 00:36

Poor people, i bet they can't claim any insurance as this is a natural disaster.

Guess i'll have to take a "sampan" to work tomorow lol ^_^

Keep up blogging and don't mind the haters :)

17 June 2010 at 07:01

@Knox Yeap I doubt its possible to claim. Shops still ok, its those car owners that have to pay lots for their car repairs. *gulps*

Thanks for your kind words! ^_^

17 June 2010 at 10:56

@Anonymous : if you feel bored with this blog, you shouldn't be bothered to post your boring comment here. Why don't you come with me to the hell and have some fun there?

17 June 2010 at 16:54

@Hades LOL! My Blog has attracted the Greek king of the underworld... LOL! :P Anyway thanks for commenting, but we shouldnt be harsh to my negative blog commentor. Cos without critic, there's no improvement. Right anot? :)

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