Rihanna at Rock in Rio - Red hair, bra and no pants!

Rihanna's latest hairstyle and color must have shocked her fans! Spotting an ultra-short hairdo with shaved sides, Rihanna's hair is colored to a fire engine shade of red! Dressed sexily only in fishnet stockings, black panty girdle and a black suspender cum Madonna-alike cone bra, Rihanna performed a couple of songs at the 'Rock in Rio' festival in Spain last weekend.

See this pic!!!

Watch video below....
For Rihanna's performance of the song 'Unfaithful' at Rock in Rio.

P/s: From 2:40 of the video, it's Rihanna's song 'Stupid in Love'.
Oh, this is stupid, i'm not stupid
Don't talk to me like i'm stupid
I still love you but I just can't do this
I may be dumb but i'm not stupid

Rihanna was acknowledged as one of People's '10 Best Dressed Stars' in 2008. But I don't quite understand that pair of granny panty (or panty girdle, you may say) that she wore at Rock in Rio 2010.

But she wore the same shade of red polish that I bought from OPI - Red my fortune cookie for the recent ASOS-sponsored Summertime Ball. And for that, I shall forget about that panty girdle which she wore! And boy, she totally rocked the whole concert,! Well at least thats how I feel after watching a couple of videos of her performance at Rock in Rio via Youtube.

Rihanna uses OPI - Red my Fortune Cookie! :p

The current nail color on my toes - Red My Fortune Cookie! :)
OPI Red My Fortune Cookie

Awesome stuff is used by awesome people.
Geddit? :p

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