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If you fall behind your payments for cars, the repo man will use devious or ingenious methods to steal back your car. And that's the job of a repo man. Now, what if you are late in making payments for the artificial organs or body parts, the repo man steps in --- He tasers you, making you unconscious and then proceed to slice open your body, in order to retrieve that biomechanical liver which you had in place of that failed liver of yours, and which you have signed on credit.

Yes, the Repo Man will do something like this.

Movie on Tuesday evening with @anthonyl1m was 'Repo Men'. Unlike the 1984's version where repo men steal back the cars which people defaulted payments on, the 2010 version of Repo Men is what I have described in the previous paragraph.

Repo Men Movie Screening on 22 June 2010

Set in the future, in the year 2025, this science fiction thriller movie, Repo Men, is about a bloodthirsty corporation, The Union, who manufactures and sells artificial biomechanical body organs and parts to people whom want to live longer. And for such much needed BUT expensive "artiforgs", people have no choice but to choose to pay via the installment plan with a ridiculous interest rate to match. Why so silly? Maybe psychoed by The Union's slogan "You owe it to your family, you owe it to yourself"... making them think it was all worth it.

The two main repo men in this movie is Remy and Jake, played by Jude Law and Forest Whitaker respectively. Both have been childhood friends, and now, partners in The Union, where they are the top repo men in the company. They made carnage seem like a spectacular performance or like a form of art... Like in the scene which Remy listens to the ever classic 'Sway' song while performing one of his repo jobs. Though their job can be regarded as sanctioned murder, these two guys simply rationalize it as "A job's a job"..... Oh mine!! :X

As much as Remy loves his work and enjoys working with Jake, he decided to give it up and switch to the sales department so as to prevent his wife from leaving, taking their son along with her. But he has one last repo job to complete....

At his very last repo assignment, he got knocked out by the machine when he was trying to repossess the artiforg. Waking up in the hospital, he found himself attached to one of The Union's product - the lastest top-of-the-line Jarvik-39 artificial heart (to his horrid). Refusing to be dependent on it, Remy realised that he had no choice but to have them transplanted into his body.

Soon, he was in debt, failing to make payments for the artiforg he has. This was because Remy didn't have the heart to remove the artifical hearts of others anymore --- But I felt this was rather lame... So you meant that when Remy had his own real heart, he was an unfeeling being. On the other hand, when he had the artificial heart, he starts to have emotions and compassion. Alas.... Life's contridiction!

So like how realistic this world is: No repo job done = No commission for Remy = Remy has no money to pay his monthly installment. He needs to prevent having his artificial heart repossessed by The Union.

From Remy hunting others... Now, he gets hunted by others.

And so, he started escaping from the other repo men, killing several in the process. It was only when his best buddy, Jake, was assigned to retrieve his artiforg, he discovered the cold hard truth - Jake had actually did something to the machine that Remy was using during his last repo job! Jake did it, thinking that it would have leave Remy with no choice but to continue with their partnership of being Repo men to pay off the exorbitant monthly installment costs, instead of switching to the deskbound job. But Jake was SO wrong!

For the next twenty or thirty minutes of the movie, you will see more bloody scenes. One awesome fight scene was when Remy and the lady made it to the Pink Door, which they planned to erase all database of all artiforgs. At that corridor, they had to fight off a group of repo men, and I would deem this as one awesome fight scene!

When the duo finally made it through the Pink door, they erased their record from the main central system (by inserting the machine's scanner INTO their body to scan their artiforgs! Gosh~ What pain!). I don't know about you... But I felt that this particular scene was painful to watch, yet somehow it was directed in a way that it was a lovemaking scene (based on the angles, cuts and actors' expressions). Jake and the heartless manager from The Union arrived next and before you know it, something happened to one of them and the whole system was eventually being destroyed. But for a movie set in such an advanced futuristic era, wouldn't there be a backup database? :p

And when you thought it would be a 'Happily Ever After' movie ending, you are wrong. It was then revealed that most of the escaping and fighting scenes, and even the final victory, were all nothing but a dream. An ending so twisted, I had to stop myself from throwing my empty plastic nachos box towards the screen! LOL!

This whole blog entry reveals too much of the movie and it is a movie spoiler for sure. So I shall not tell you the ending, you have to watch the movie to find out! Very interesting.

The movie storyline was adapted from the book, 'Repossession Mambo'. And the first sentence in the book states, "The first time I ever held a pancreas in my hands, I got an erection". With a sentence of such perversion and macabreness, expect something similar from the Repo Men movie... Where blood-soaked scenes and the darkest sense of humor entertain you for 114 minutes, come 01 July 2010!

Watch the movie trailer here:

Shall end the blog entry with "Sway". :)

Thanks for the tics! :)

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you're always beautiful. d3lonely

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