2010 Birthday Delight!

Astroboy Arrived on 28 June 2010!

Monday was a special day for me as it was my birthday. And I spent the day with my family and the Man I love. Birthday dinner included my fave uncle and aunty too! I woke up in the morning of my birthday and saw an Astroboy plush toy and a musical birthday card on my desk... And Astroboy was holding on to a stalk of rose. A loving surprise by the Man I love!

The Love, The Rose

And to think that he had already bought lots of Astroboy stuff for me when we went to the Astroboy showcase at Downtown East a few days ago. Simply delightful that I have a new Astroboy plush toy to add to my collection! Total YAYness! I knew he would be buying the cake for the bday celebration with my family and him, but I didn't expect that he would remember I like the Strawberry Shortcake from Canelé! The other surprise which he sprung on me shall be kept between us, in our sweet memories... :D

Birthday 2010

I also celebrated grandma's birthday on Sunday evening (eve of my birthday) over dinner, attended by four generations of my family. Other than the cake for my grandma, my cousin also prepared another birthday cake for one of my aunts (whose birthday's on 27 June) and me (whose birthday's on 28 June)! That was so sweet!

As I am currently tied up with my latest research report, I can only update more about my birthday celebration another time! And I can't wait to complete my report so as to meet up with my pals for more birthday celebrations for thou self! :)

The song that is playing on the musical bday card he gave me :p
"Only boys that save their pennies make my rainy days"... So true!

The front of the card was an illustration drawing of a lady with lotsa shopping bags and included the sentence, "It's your Birthday so TREAT yourself!". And more shopping bag images in the inside of the card. He said he got me this card for he knows I love shopping and the lady in the card has some similarities to my hairstyle and dressing... LOL!

Lyrics here:

3 Response to 2010 Birthday Delight!

30 June 2010 at 12:30

WOW! Awesome Feliza, Happy bday sweetheart!

30 June 2010 at 21:11

Happy belated birthday ^^

6 July 2010 at 00:07

@dblchin Thanks sweetie! :D

@Kelvin Thanks to you too!

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