Panasonic: Get Eco. Get Eco Ideas.

Held at one of the ballroom at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Panasonic Asia Pacific (AP) hosted a media conference last week, to share the company's new vision towards 2018 and its 'eco ideas' progress and results for the year ending 2009.

Here's a photo of me at the event.
Feliza at Panasonic eco event

Yeap, I was invited for this event and I gladly attended it as I am one who always try to be as "green" (environmental-friendly) as possible, for the sake of the environment and our future generations.

I also met @robertsky_ at the event. We first met at @rinaz's wedding. :)
Panasonic eco event

The conference started with a presentation by
Panasonic AP's Managing Director, Mr. Ikuo Miyamoto.
Panasonic eco event

Miyamoto shared with us that the firm aims to have its eco products to generate 80% of its total sales by March 2013. I must say they are on track to attain the target since its sales that was contributed by the eco products doubled to 49% from 24% between the period of March 2009 to March 2010!

In terms of 'eco ideas' for manufacturing, Panasonic had exceeded its CO2 reduction targets. By reducing 290,000 tons of C02, that's the same as planting about 16 million rain trees. Ok, I got a feeling that all you environmentalists out there are rejoicing after reading this, uh? :p

And guess what? Panasonic's New Vision is to make positive change in terms of environmental sustainability and strives to be the Number 1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry by 2018. And if I am still blogging in the year 2018 (maybe I'll be a mother of two by then!), hopefully I can blog about Panasonic achieving its vision! (^_^)

After the presentation, there was a Q&A session with several panel members. Then we were brought to another ballroom where the fun began! There were eco quizzes for us to take part in. After completing a quiz, we had to choose one pledge to make from the few available...

Since @robertsky_, @anthonyl1m and me did the quiz together, we agreed on this particular pledge: "I will use energy-saving products as much as possible".
Panasonic eco event

And then, the webcam at the top of the screen shot a picture of us.
Panasonic eco event

It was automatically printed out on a glossy photo paper for us to take home.
But I gave it to Robert, asked him to scan and gimme a soft copy. Heh.
Panasonic eco event

My Fave Animal - Penguin!
But they, along with the other animals like the polar bears, may lose their home,s should we not start to do our part to fight against global warming. :(

Panasonic eco event

I did another quiz, and I got a picture! Of myself! :D
Me! :)

This was the pledge I made.
Panasonic eco event

But then again, I have been doing this for years. For example, I recycle those plastic drinking bottles to the nearby recycling bins. I reuse papers to write. I try to reuse plastic and paper bags. My recent green movement was during FHA 2010 where other than to introduce the new Coke glass bottle during the trade show, I gave out samples of the new Heaven & Earth tea drinks. We had to pour out the tea from the cans into small sampling cups. I felt that it was a waste to simply treat those cans as refuse, hence I suggested placing the empty cans into another refuse bag for the sole purpose of recycling.

Until now, I have no idea where I can recycle GLASS bottles, as mentioned in this past entry of mine. Anyone??? Anyway, I shall make a slight change to the pledge I made - It is to increase the frequency and quantity of the recyclables. :)

We also played shooting games!
Shooting down those picture cards which indicated the causes of global warming.
Feliza at Panasonic eco event

Feliza is a sharp shooter! :p
Feliza at Panasonic eco event

And I received this coaster made of cork material.

There were also 2 showcases of Panasonic's older range of products and its eco products.
For the comparison of the level of energy efficiency between these two range.
Panasonic eco event

The displays were something like those in the video below, sans the lady explaining away.

True that the eco products from Panasonic is far more superior than their non-eco range in terms of being eco-friendly.... But I had to post up the following two photos that display the older products as there's Astroboy in it! Imagine my delight when I saw Astroboy on the screen that day (^_^)

Panasonic eco event

It's like having my boyfriend appearing out of nowhere at the event to surprise me!
For those who don't know, Astroboy = Boyfriend.

Panasonic eco event

And now, introducing the "Make A Change" campaign by Panasonic!
Feliza at Panasonic eco event

This campaign is to generate eco awareness and inculcate eco habits through social media. It also aims to promote Panasonic's eco initiatives, products and technologies. Check out this site> Do also check out the Facebook page (HERE) for fantastic tips and contest! :p

Feliza at Panasonic eco event

(Saw this photo and I suddenly realised that my hair is quite long actually! LOL!)
Feliza at Panasonic eco event

Feliza at Panasonic eco event

We were each given a pot of a young plant (yeah the one I was holiding on as seen in the few photos above) which I have been watering it daily. Thumbs up for this thumbdrive too.... Really matches to Panasonic's eco theme.

Door Gift

It was my first time at Marina Bay Sands, and to my surprise there was not much of a crowd. Check out the lady in the picture below (at the end of escalator) - Dressed in sayong kebaya like a Singapore Girl. HEH!

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

Be green to save green! :)

5 Response to Panasonic: Get Eco. Get Eco Ideas.

11 June 2010 at 22:04

Sorry about the picture! Not that it went missing, just that I was having exams for the past one week. :C I will get it done by Sunday, once I clear up some unfinished business. :X

12 June 2010 at 02:44

hi feliza, that's a really nice bag you've got there. may i know where you got it from?:)

12 June 2010 at 17:50

@robertsky Haha no probs! Yeah I know you were in the midst of exams (saw your tweets). Its ok, just take your time, do whatever you have to do first, but just don't take too long! LOL!

@Audrey Thanks dear... Its from Burberry Blue Label, from Japan. :)

12 June 2010 at 20:35

Oh thank you! but do you still have the details of the bag?:)

12 June 2010 at 22:30

@Audrey Erm I still have the label tag? The receipt's written in Japanese and I don't know how to read it. But you cant get it in the retail stores in Japan already since its a past season model. :)

But here's some info for you. :)
It is made of an off-pink canvas material. The handles, zip, etc (those you see thats in brown color) are made of leather. HTHs :)

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