Life without a Digicam

Ever since my Casio compact digicam started giving me problem (Blog entry HERE), I finally sent it in for repair 2 weeks ago, after it disappointed me during my recent getaway trip last month (Yes, very unfortunately, but luckily I brought along my DSLR then. Phew!) - Apparently, the photos turned out super washed out, so white that I thought I was taking pictures of heaven IN heaven. LOL.

With no digicam, I had to bring along my DSLR camera when I went to the recent events such as the visit to the Infocomm Accessibility Centre and the Panasonic's 'eco ideas' media conference. Now, my life is without a digicam, yet it is rather inconvenient for me to bring a DSLR everywhere I go. Hence for other 'everyday life' photos, I started to rely on my phone's 5 megapixel camera. :(

Now, since I have a DSLR, might as well use it right? Yes, but my non-ladyish camera bags certainly don't suit the usual outfit getups of mine. Moreover, it is too heavy for me to bring everywhere I go....

Anyway, here's a picture of the camera bags I own....

Since none of these 3 bags would be a nice match with my outfit that I wore to the Panasonic event, I had to use my Burberry bag to place my DSLR in (see pic below). A bad choice I know, since it doesn't have the cushioning protection as it is afterall not a camera bag. If only I have a digicam to bring around cannnn.... :(

Feliza at Panasonic eco event

I seriously need to get a digicam soon!

With so many camera brands and models out in the market, I'm certainly spoilt for choice! Yes, you may suggest that I check out the current IT Show, but I plan to buy a digicam only when my current camera's extended warranty ends in August... Yeap my current digicam is close to 3 years old already! Btw, I have been doing some research on the various cameras that I may wanna get. Can I share it with you???

I thought of getting a waterproof digicam so that I can use it when I go to the beach, swimming pool or at places like Wild Wild Wet. During my visit to Wild Wild Wet then, I was using a normal 35mm reuseable film camera that comes with a underwater casing but I feel that the quality isn't that good. If you like, you can view the pictures in this blog entry. Moreover, film harms the environment, as indicated in this article which I found online. Hence if I were to go for waterproof cameras, I have shortlisted Sony's TX5, Canon's Powershot D10, Panasonic's DMC-FT2and Olympus's µ TOUGH-6010.

But if I am prepared to settle with a non-waterproof camera, here's what I came up with:
- An Olympus Pen model
- Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZR3
- Canon S90

Just to add, I did not visit forums nor read reviews.
I shortlisted these cam models based on what I read from the respective company websites.

I find it strange that the current IT show is selling the S90 at S$749, but it was only S$699 at the recent Licence2play show a fortnight ago. The freebies that they are giving out is more or less the same. Even the Canon Powershot G11 was only priced at S$799 at Licence2play, but it is S$899 at the IT show. Ok, for G11, paying S$100 is fine since it comes with the G11 premium case that costs more than a hundred bucks!

I always visit these quarterly tech fairs even if I have nothing to buy and if I happen to be in Singapore (not travelling or working during those 4 days). But I am giving this IT Show a miss. And where did I get the S90 and G11 IT Show prices from? Thanks to this site>>> (^_^)

Go check out this site! You have one more day to grab any good buys at the IT Show 2010! Tomorrow's the final day! Get into the BBB poison! (BBB= Buy Buy Buy, in this context.)

To buy a digicam soon!

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13 June 2010 at 03:04

Hi Feliza, u can try ZR3! Its pretty good! My bf just gt me ZR3 as my birthday present.. This is my 2nd Lumix camera (my FX8 is still working very well)! Pana is using Leica Lens (Germany Lens) which is supposed to be clearer and sharper. ZR3 is made in Japan too!

13 June 2010 at 19:33

@kiamcai Hi babe, ehhh how are you? I rem you told meyou were going TW lah!!! How was the trip? :) I've never used Panasonic cam, but yes I heard abt their Leica lens! Im planning to get a cam in red color (my fav color! hehe!)

My casio cam is made in Japan too, but you see the problems it gives me :(

I must go play ard with the various cams first, before I will decide on which model.

You chose ZR3 yourself or ur bf chose it? And how come you all decided to get the ZR3 of all the models available? :))))

13 June 2010 at 20:58

hi feliza,

for the non waterproof models. the choices you have there consist of 2 different type of cameras. Olympus pen is a micro 4 thirds mirrorless camera, while the canon s90 is a point and shoot with creative/manual functions.

The main diffs between the micro 4/3 n PNS is the sensor size, and the ability of 4/3 to use either a pancake wide angle lens, or attach another zoom lens, and even connect different kinds of dedicated acessories onto the hotshoe.(essentially a small portable dslr. many consumers are now swaying towards these type of micro 4/3s instead of entry level dslr, simply because it is easier to carry around). another model u might want to consider is the newly launched sony nex3 or nex5. the PNS S90 has a significantly smaller sensor size and no hotshoe. however, it still have the shuttle/aperture/manual controls of the 4/3s n SLRs. so weight all these before u are buying one.

canon and nikon who are the main players in the dslr market have not forrayed into the micro 4/3s yet.

hope this helps. Cheers

13 June 2010 at 21:33

Yup, I been busy w wrk since TW trip! Trip was great! I wanted ZR3 in red too but my bf gt it frm Alan Photo below $500, only available in Black and Silver! We saw the red one selling @ Marina Sq Gain City for $549! Maybe u can go check it out!

My previous Pana Lumix has nv failed on me those last 3 - 4 yrs!

We chose ZR3 because of the superzoom given its compact size!

16 June 2010 at 22:06

@Anonymous Yup I know of the micro four-third and I think it is a very good camera. But your last sentence, "canon and nikon who are the main players in the dslr market have not forrayed into the micro 4/3s yet", left me thinking.... So you mean it may not be as "Stable"????

I havenot checked out the nex3 or nex5 yet, have you?

micro 4/3s is really good to carry ard, but imagine I will have to buy more lenses?!!? (-__-) LOL! That simply means more cam stuff to buy, other than buying lenses for my dslr already. Maybe I should just stick to a Pns, at least I can focus on buying lenses for one cam, instead of two. :p

16 June 2010 at 22:07

@Angela I remember there was another Panasonic model that is 12x optical zoom, super amazing, but the shade of red is not as nice as the ZR3. I'd get that if the red is as bright as ZR3's mann.

But anyway I planned to buy after August, so I shall pray that the price will drop, if Im really gonna get that. Hehehhehe.

17 June 2010 at 23:34

hmm i think tt is TZ10 or smthing.. alot bigger than ZR3.. u will knw what I mean when u go n see the real set.. :)

21 June 2010 at 04:52

Ok thankd alot babe! Good to see you in FB too! ^_^

22 June 2010 at 11:35

Hi Feliza, where did you get your pretty nude beige heels from? I've scrolled through your previous entries but no mention of where you bought it. Please share! It's gorgeous!

23 June 2010 at 19:24

@Grace Hi there! I got it shipped from US. Hee yeah I think its so gorgrous, I bought it in white too! :p

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