Of 2010

The arrival of year 2010 marks a new year of new beginnings for all of us. A new beginning, as we know, means a fresh start to life... This enlivens the spirit and energizes our thoughts, which leads to new goals and resolutions, new plans and new dreams.

While resolutions may come in various forms, it is typically the case that, within a few weeks or months, they may be broken or forgotten. Life returns to how it has been like in the previous year, with no improvements being made. Being too caught up with our busy lives to care about the broken resolutions, it will not be long before it is the end of the year. And those guilty of breaking their own resolutions will take guilt trips or start cursing and blaming themselves. But before you do that, take heed from George Carlin who mentioned this, “Don't take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, to the next county, to a foreign country, but NOT to where the guilt is”.

Reflecting back on those New Year’s resolutions I made in the past years, there are some which I succeeded in fulfilling , and others which I failed to do so. BUT, one thing I have learnt about making resolutions is to be idealistic and not overly-ambitious.

In addition, resolutions, being similar to goals, have to be specific. For example, you should not make ‘Doing well in studies’ as a resolution as that is not precise enough. Take my case for example --- In 2009, I aimed to perform better than what I did in the previous year in relation to my Degree studies. Therefore, one of my 2009 resolutions that I made (and am proud to say that I have achieved it, and even gotten High Distinctions for some modules!) was to ‘Attain a minimum grade of Distinction for all modules’. Definitely a resolution that is as specific as it could possibly be, yet not overly-ambitious. :)

It is also important to know that fulfilling and keeping to one's resolutions needs time, effort and determination. I managed to fulfill mine by doing just that. Also, help and encouragement from my loved ones, friends and classmates played a part too! (And I am very thankful to those who helped me in one way or another).

This year, the resolutions that I have made are as specific as they can possibly be. Whether I will be able to accomplish ALL of them will be known next year! But first, the most important thing for me right now is to kick-start my career! So if you have any job recommendations or job offers for me, you can email me. Who knows what fun, joy, improvements and success I can bring to your company! :p

While I have been (and will be) getting a break for these few months, I realized contradictions in life while evolution is taking place --- Our CTE lanes got widened but our viewpoints got narrower. Conveniences are bestowed to us but still insufficient time for the important people in our lives. We try to save the Earth but not our own selfish souls. We aim for fancier homes but not closer family ties. We yearn for better technology, but not better relationships. We have more possessions but less values. We complain too much (typical Singaporeans right?) but appreciate too little.

Humanity is probably diminishing now as I type (and as you read). Always treasure the people around you, as you will never know when Father Time will be taking them away from you. Love more, cherish more. Hate less, complain less. And the world will rejoice.

Nevertheless, I would like to wish all of you a Happy 2010! 
May the New Year brings joy, success and good health to all! :)
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