REVIEW: Ultherapy Skin Lifting & Skin Firming Treatment at Halley Medical Aesthetics Singapore


Ultherapy treatment at halley medical aesthtics

While I have an aim to age beautifully and a constant desire for a slim V-shaped face, I cannot deny the effects of gravity that is causing some sagging on my face and double chin. While there are botox and fillers to resolve these (maybe a topic for another day), there is also an alternative non-surgical aesthetics treatment called Ultherapy, the only skin tightening treatment approved by the US FDA. 


  1. Using micro-focused ultrasound energy to lift the skin from within, accurately pin-pointing at a depth of 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm underneath the skin, to target the dermis and SMAS layer, without disrupting the surface.
  2. Triggers the body’s own natural healing process to lift, tone and tighten loose skin via the micro-focused ultrasound energy heating up the facial tissue. This stimulates the collagen growth within your body.
  3. Helps to redefine the contours of your whole face or any targeted concerned areas, such as eyebags, forehead/temples, cheeks, jowl area, brow area, under the chin area, neck and chest.



Consultation at Halley Medical Aesthetics clinic
: It was a fruitful appointment with the aesthetics doctor - Dr Mark Lim. He listened to my concerns, analysed my face and pointed out areas where some improvements can be made (In fact, so much to do on my face! Signs of ageing!). 




Dr Mark shared the various treatment solutions offered at Halley Medical Aesthetics to address my concerns (Sagging skin on face and double chin)... One of it being Ultherapy. He patiently explained what this treatment is and showed some information and Before/After photos of Ultherapy.



Check out some questions on Ultherapy which I asked Dr Mark in the video below:


Reasons why I decided to go ahead with Ultherapy:

  1. Zero downtime
  2. Non-invasive and FDA-approved treatment
  3. Natural process over a span of 3 months… Just in time to look my best for my important event happening soon (aka Wedding).
  4. Lasts for about ONE YEAR. (To consider as an annual anti-ageing aesthetics regime, maybe?)
  5. To tone and lift my sagging skin (including brow area to give my eyes a more “energetic” look) , to have a more defined jawline, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and to firm up my chubby cheeks area.


Experiencing Ultherapy for the First Time:

To reduce any discomfort, painkillers were prescribed for my consumption, followed by the cleansing and numbing cream application on my face by the therapist. Dr Mark Lim applied a layer of gel onto the treatment areas before starting on the treatment. Basic skincare was also applied after the treatment. 



Ultherapy actually utilises a See-Plan-Treat protocol (“SPT”), which basically means that Dr Mark Lim uses real-time ultrasound imaging technology to SEE the targeted area using visualisation technology, in order to PLAN the treatment map for the targeted area, so as to TREAT the areas with proper treatment techniques. Hence, ensuring the safe delivery of micro-focused ultrasound energy to where it is most beneficial for the best optimal results.


Here’s Dr Mark Lim explaining how the Ultherapy ultrasound imaging technology produces real-time imaging on the screen to see deep within the skin, to best deliver the “shots”. 


A total of 800 lines (or “shots”) were beamed into my face and under the chin area. The allocation of the number of shots was pre-planned by the doctor, whereby more lines were assigned to my left cheek since it is chubbier on this side.



Different transducers were used for the varying depths to best target the concerned areas. Halley Medical Aesthetics is one of the clinics with the full range of Ultherapy transducers in Singapore, which ensures that all areas of the face that are normally more difficult to reach with the typical large transducer can also be treated properly! 


 4.5mm Depth


3.0mm Depth


Some questions I had (which you may have too) before the treatment: 

Was it painful?

I would not say it is “painful”. Instead I experienced a hard intense “pressure” when the shots were beamed around my undereye and jaw areas, and felt the heat emitted from the transducer. Overall, it was quite comfortable, with that cool air constantly blown at my face, and I even found myself dozing off at some moments! 

How long is the treatment?

It depends on the treated areas. It took about 90 minutes for my whole face and under the chin area (Total: 800 lines - Machine screen indicates the number of shots having been administered).


Can I go about my daily activities after the treatment?

YES, YES, YES. Go back to work, go shopping or that buffet feast, or even to the gym (which was what I did after the appointment). No scars or bruisings, but I did notice slight swelling on my face for the first 2 days.


Last words:

Personally, I have already observed my face getting slimmer with a more defined jawline (even my friends noticed that!), but I still have the chubby cheeks with is most obvious whenever I smile widely. Will be posting my BEFORE/AFTER photos once I have my review session with them (3 months after Ultherapy treatment), and you can judge the differences yourself! ;)


Thank you Dr Mark Lim and the team from Halley Medical Aesthetics clinic. I am now one step closer to achieving the V-shaped face, while reducing signs of ageing! :p 


Halley Medical Aesthetics

277 Orchard Road 

Orchard Gateway #03-15

Singapore 238858

+65 6737 8233

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