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Boarding a plane in less than 12 hours! But before that, it was a visit to my hair salon sponsor - Salon De Choix, for a hair color makeover few days prior to my trip. The last time I was at the salon was in May... Hence, why would I not want to get freshly-colored hair before my trip right? Most importantly, it is so important to have the hair treatment at Salon De Choix, so that my hair will be smooth and more manageable during the trip. :)

BEFORE (and bunning my hair overnight)

As usual, my hair stylist, Chester, did a great consultation session to find out my wants pertaining to my hair. In my previous trip, we toned down the many shades of brown I had and did a balayage effect for my hair. This trip, I requested for highlights so that it will give my hair some 'highlighting effect', which will be visible in my trip's photos and videos. At the same time, I wanted to reduce the balayage color at my hair ends so that the focus would be on the highlights. Chester shared with me some contrasting results that would happen and I was like "Huh" here and there... But he eventually solved it brilliantly, all thanks to his years of experience in this industry! 


His years of experience is also evident in how he prepared the color dye mix to touch up my hair roots that were growing out of a visible black color. I did not see him placing the color chart against my hair to find out the closest shade#, and he could actually prepare it. So I got curious and asked him once I saw the dye bowl. He told me that he simply looked at my current base color, and match it to the respective ratio, etc. That's impressive!

Applying dye to highlight
certain portions of my hair.


What a 'hair-raising' experience.... Literally! Haha! 
This was funny. Simply had to take a selfie.

Base color touch-up after the highlighting segment.
And wait while letting the dye seep in.

Time to wash off the color.
And relaxing hair wash while lying on the massage chair!

Next: Quality hair treatment time.

Steaming my hair

I posted up some Insta-stories to show the whole process during my visit at Salon De Choix (Follow me on my Instagram @felizaong) Which included the hair trim that Chester did after I was done with my hair treatment. Once the trim was completed, it was the final step - Hair Blow and Styling. Awesome! :)

Notice in the photo collage below - Of my highlight streaks  which were cleverly applied at various sections of my hair to give it that brilliant focus. It is always important to have a hair stylist which understands your hair, your usual hair styling habits, etc. For Chester, he knows how my hair 'moves', and how I would normally have a bun, ponytail or simply pin up my fringe. So the hair highlighting techniques he applied were in consideration of the said factors, and of course where to have the streaks so it would not be too excessive or too spaced apart.


Closeup of the highlights around my hair crown area

Chester said that it has been awhile since he did straight hair for me, so he had it blown straight instead of my usual luscious curls (which he is a master in producing beautiful hair curls). He also said I would look younger.... Yes, just what I need that day as I have been so busy preparing for my trip, that I probably did not looked as fresh as usual! Hee!

An absolutely fantastic job by Chester!

The streaks were strategically and nicely applied
at the 'right' places to give the highlighting effect.



So as mentioned, I am flying off soon, and it will be for about two weeks! Follow me on my Instagram (IG: felizaong) while I take you on a travel journey halfway around the world! Meanwhile, do visit Salon De Choix to get your hair done! ;)

If you are interested to make an appointment at Salon De Choix,
mention my name 'Feliza'  when you call to the salon 
and get 15% discount off your total bill~
(Not applicable for promotions)
CALL TO BOOK AN APPT: +65 68362959 

For more information about Salon De Choix, 
check out their FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM

Salon De Choix is located at: 
3 Killiney Road #01-06 
Winsland House 1
Singapore 239519

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