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Being blessed with thick tresses all my life, I always feel that hair loss will be the least of my hair concerns. So when I was approached by Beijing 101 - The experts in solving/reducing hair loss issues, as well as other hair/scalp-related problems faced by their clients for the past three decades... I was skeptical HOW I can benefit from their hair treatments as I did not feel that I was losing 'too many hair' in my opinion.

Nevertheless, I gave it a go as I was curious about my scalp type and condition, and it would be an eye opener to do the hair and scalp analysis, just like how I always see in their advertisements) as it would be the first time to see my hair and scalp in such a microscopic view. Most importantly, given my recent discovery of those few strands of premature greying hair, as shared in my previous post, I know I needed to do something about it and seek the help from professionals, which in this case, is none other than Beijing 101!

Beijing 101 branch at Tiong Bahru Plaza

With a total of seven outlets conveniently located around Singapore, my treatment was done at Beijing 101's Tiong Bahru Plaza branch. Upon arriving, I filled up my personal particulars and did a quick tour of their vicinity and check out their displays of the various "Home Care" products they have for sale. I did a quick look at the types of premium-grade Chinese herbs they use during the hair and scalp treatment sessions and its respective benefits, which seek to solve hair problems in an integrative and harmonious way, aligning with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices.





Some of Beijing 101 'home care' product range

CONSULTATION: Scalp Analysis

I was led into the consultation room, where my consultant, Mr Eken, did a thorough questionnaire to find out more about my lifestyle habits (such as sleeping time, fitness habits and food preference) and the hair concerns that I have, while I sipped on the cup of hot tea served to me.


Eken then shared about Beijing 101's history, the awards and accreditation received - Such as results from the Nielsen Survey where 9 out of 10 had experienced visible hair growth results after receiving hair treatments from Beijing 101. He also showed me images of different types of scalp and hair issues.


My eye-opener moment had arrived - Doing the hair and scalp analysis! Eken scanned through my head and pointed out some areas of my scalp which is more oily and with clogged pores. These issues seem unimportant now, but if left untreated, it can affect hair growth and may even lead to hair loss in future! Thankfully, I do not have a dandruff problem!



He also said that I have to be careful of the hairline near my temples, and proceeded to ask if I always style my hair into a ponytail or bun, which I replied 'Yes' to him. But inside of me, I was like, "WHOA! You can even tell!??!". I basically like to tie my hair in these two ways, especially if I am home, as I like to keep my hair away from my face.


Eken told me that my hair treatment session includes the following:
- Scalp Purification mask
- Herbal hair wash (Type of herbal shampoo and conditioner used is based on client's hair/scalp needs)
- Signature Meridian Herbal Treatment (4 different types of massage to choose from!).

On top of it, I would undergo a TCM consultation with their in-house certified TCM doctor. And to end it off, Eken will conduct another round of hair and scalp analysis. Yay to more eye-opener moments!

I did my hair treatment in the VIP room.

It was like I am in my own private salon,
in complete privacy and tranquility! :)

Warm towel and refreshments served
while I did my treatment

Deep Cleansing Scalp Treatment: PuriScalp Mask

Applied onto my hair roots, followed by a quick massage,
and left on for about 20 minutes.


This mask helps to:
- Balance the hair's pH level
- Cleanse hair bulbs
- Remove oil clogs and sebum
- Provides vital nutrients to hair follicles

Enjoyed the nice minty sensation by
the Deep Cleansing Scalp Treatment

Deep Cleansing Scalp Treatment: Herbal Hair Wash and Massage

After 20 minutes, the mask was washed off at my own private hair washing area. My hair therapist, Jessica, lathered my hair with the selected range of their in-house shampoo, followed by hair conditioner.

She used the shampoo and conditioner from the "Nourishing" range. FYI, the range that the hair therapist uses on your hair may differ from mine, as they will select based on one's head and scalp needs and concerns.

The 'Nourishing' range serves to:
- Restore hair vitality
- Enhances hair texture and density.

Any hair wash is NEVER complete without a satisfying acu-point head massage. And my hair therapist nailed it. Boy, I felt so relaxed and refreshed after that! I was led back to my treatment seat where my hair was towel-dried and then blown-dry.

Head Massage during Beijing 101's Herbal Wash


 PuriScalp Mask Treatment: Award-Winning Hair Tonic

A vial of Beijing 101's award-winning herbal hair tonic was carefully and thoroughly applied to my hair roots around my scalp. There are various types of hair tonic to treat different types of hair and scalp concerns, but generally the hair tonic aids to kill bacteria, strengthen hair roots, increase melanin production, nourishes hair follicles and promotes blood circulation.

Hair Tonic Application

Beijing 101 Signature Meridian Herbal Treatment: Overall Well-Being

Beijing 101's signature Meridian Herbal Treatment, is a head massage consisting of 4 different types (Overall well-being, Tension, Stress and Sleeping Disorder) that one can select from. I chose the Overall Well-being Treatment as the massage techniques seem to be part of each of the above 4 types, so I gave that a shot.


The Meridian Herbal Treatment aids to:
- Promote hair growth and stronger hair
- Prevent hair loss and greying
- Relieves headaches, head tensions and migraines
- Improve sleep quality, alleviates insomnia
- Enhances memory
- Relieves fatigue

It was so relaxing...

TCM Consultation: Better health, Better Hair/Scalp Conditions

It was a pleasure to know that Beijing 101 is not only committed to using TCM methods in their products and treatments, but also to help improve their clients' overall health. Hence, in-house Certified TCM physicians provide consultations and advise on the health conditions.

My TCM physician did a pulse diagnosis and said that my 肠胃 (digestive system) is not good, which I am very much aware of. She asked questions pertaining to my health and habits, and gave much-appreciated advice. I also shared with her my premature greying hair concerns (albeit those few strands but it is startling!).

She told me that hair conditions reflect on:
(1) The health of one's internal organs like lungs, kidney, blood, stomach and liver
(2) Lifestyle such as insufficient sleep, stress and poor dietary habits. 

She promptly advised me to to have a diet rich in Zinc, Copper, Vitamin A and B, and of course, to have more sleep, haha!



To healthier and stronger hair!

To cleaner and healthier scalp!

 Scalp Analysis scan done to provide
a 'Before-and-After' comparison.

I was simply amazed with the vast
improvements of my scalp condition!

In the image below, it showed two out of three zones where the scanner captured microscopic shots of my scalp. In Scan #1, the clogged pores were miraculously removed from my hair follicles! Whereas in Scan #2, you can see in the After-picture that my scalp is no longer "glistening" with oil! What an improvement!


WOW!! All the 'findings' we had in the earlier scan were solved
in one treatment by Beijing 101!

I cannot imagine the great extent of my hair and scalp getting
healthier and  if I have more treatment sessions! That will be fabulous!

(As fabulous as Blackpink's Lisa)

If having healthier hair and scalp, while having incredible-looking hair for that classic *hair flick* is your kind of thing, Beijing 101 is offering a customised Scalp Renewal Treatment with Infrared Treatment for one person at a great deal of S$28 (Usual: S$420).
To grab this offer, call 6-5588-101 and quote "Feliza Ong".
Or simply click on this LINK to make your purchase now.

Tips from Beijing 101 on how to dry your hair the right way! 
Watch the video below! :)

To end this blogpost by sharing a quote I saw online -
Invest in your hair, for it is the crown you never take off.


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*Disclaimer: This is an advertorial post, but all opinions remain my own*

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