Achieve Skin Clarity with KLARITY


Achieve Skin Clarity with

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'Skin Clarity' is defined by a few factors such as good skin texture, luminous skin and even skin tone. The absence of any blemished bumps or oiliness/dullness on the face results in clear skin, which eventually lead to that glow on one's face.


So let me ask you... Do you want your skin to be beautiful and have the sort of clarity you always desire? I know I do! And that is because, I do have some skin concerns, given my combination skin type and Singapore's tropical climate - Less acne/bumps, hydrated skin, youthful and glowing skin. Thus, you can imagine my delight when I received these four luxurious skincare products from homegrown award-winning skinbrand brand, KLARITY.


Klarity's fuss-free and functional products are formulated in Singapore and manufactured in South Korea. The products are of top-notch quality having to leverage on Swiss and France technologies, leading cosmetic science innovations and medical-grade ingredients. For Muslims out there, or simply anyone who prefers cruelty-free products, Klarity has beauty products that are HALAL-CERTIFIED.

Personally, I prefer using paraben-free products as parabens are actually "linked to organ system toxicity, reproductive and fertility problems, birth and developmental defects, and endocrine (hormone) disruption" (Environmental Working Group, 2017). Of such, it was delighting to know that Klarity's founder, Karine Estelle Cheong, chose to exclude parabens in Klarity products.

I tested these gems out over a period of time.

Read below to find out more ! :)


(1) Klarity™ OxyMud Cacao Duo Cleanse and Renewal Mask (SGD49, 30ml)

 Say bye bye to dull-looking skin!

This mask has these eleven benefits.
Yes, ELEVEN, and to my amazement as well! :

- Gentle exfoliation
- Deep cleansing
- Purifying
- Repairing
- Firming
- Soothing
- Hydrating
- Rejuvenating
- Anti-ageing
- Brightening


Close-up of the tub content.

Scoop out the amount you require using the spatula that comes with this product. For me, I usually place the scooped content at the back of my palm and apply accordingly on my cleansed and dry face.




Leave the mask on for 15 minutes.


But before the time is up, you will witness a change to the mask.
Don't be shocked. ;p

What you see after a few minutes is the cocoa-infused mask will transform into oxygenated foam that helps to gently massage, exfoliate and enhance skin breathing easily.


It was interesting seeing the change of color and texture!

During application and the 15 minutes' wait, I could not help but to take deeper breaths as I was enjoying the mask's rich and irresistible cocoa scent.  So I wouldn't blame you if you will attempt to smell my face when I have the mask on! Heh~

This product is said to be able to remove oil, dirt, makeup and impurities on the skin. Thus, I did a quick test by using my makeup remover and cotton pads to cleanse my face after I removed the mask, and there was no makeup residue on the cotton pads! So even though the instructions stated that the mask is to be applied on a cleansed face, it does a great job to remove face makeup as well.

I was impressed by how my skin felt more supple and smooth after using Klarity OxyMud Cacao Duo Cleanse and Renewal Mask. I could see a significant brightening effect on my face when I removed the mask! Being an 11-in-1 product, I strongly recommend this mask to all busy individuals out there!

(2) Klarity™ Diamond Glow™ Eye Nano Treatment (SGD69, 20ml)


They say "Your eyes are the windows to the soul". Therefore, isn't it important to also attempt to reverse/slowdown the ageing signs around the eyes? As we age, our youthful and positive soul should still remain instead of having weary-looking eyes. I have always been a strong believer of using eye cream/gel as the skin around the eyes is one of the areas where ageing signs will first emerge.


Klarity's white-colored eye cream has a pleasant scent, and is infused with diamond powder that diminishes dark eye circles and brightens up the undereye areas. Without the need of any invasive treatment, the eye cream gives an instant lift to the eye areas and reduce the appearance of fine lines. What I liked most out of the nine benefits of using the Klarity Diamond Glow Eye Nano Treatment cream is the 24 hours' continuous moisturizing benefits as dry skin around the eyes make wrinkles and fine lines more obvious. It works well underneath my base makeup as it absorbs into the skin quickly.

My eyes now look more lively with the reduced eye bags!

Check out my video on how to apply eye cream correctly! :)
Direct link:

(3) Klarity™ Diamond Glow™ Overnight Masque (SGD59, 15ml)


I was excited to try Klarity overnight masque as I regularly apply a layer of the korean 'L-brand' sleeping mask on my face before I sleep. So I wanted to compare these two and see if the Klarity masque can be an alternative to what I have been using. Furthermore, as Klarity's "Diamond Glow" range is formulated via nano technology to restore the skin's original DNA to its best condition, I wanted to see how the diamond powder will give me that radiant glow that I always aim for.

My first impression was how easily my skin absorbed this rich-textured cream masque when I applied a thin layer on my face! Although it was quite a thick formulation, it was to be noted that my skin did not feel oily when I woke up in the morning, and I felt that my skin looked more luminous and supple!

(4) Klarity™ Lasertox™ CC Miracle White Lotion (SGD39, 30ml)


The captivating iridescent box and tube packaging was more than enough to capture my attention! I could not resist holding them up in varying angles to see the luminous color changes.


Enriched with wild rosehip extracts that contains antioxident properties, it encourages youthful-looking skin, and can be applied on your face AND body. Notice your skin tone being at least one tone lighter instantly upon application due to the diamond powder infused in this CC lotion.


The Klarity Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion does not clog pores nor causes acne due to its non-comedogenic formula. It can be used by itself, or as a makeup base to smooth and even out the skin tone. It is good to know that Klarity CC Lotion contains SPF30/PA++, apart from the other 10 functions, namely:

- Whitening
- Purify
- Repair
- Firming
- Smoothing
- Hydrate
- Tone
- Anti Ageing
- Waterproof

I loved the fact that it is waterproof. Other than coming in handy during an underwater photo shoot or pool/foam party... The Klarity CC Lotion will be a brilliant alternative to using normal face foundation, should I want/feel/need to put on face makeup while I work out at the gym. With all the benefits of it, I can use Klarity CC Lotion as my sun block, primer and foundation base!


Overall, I enjoyed using the above four Klarity products due to its beneficial functions to improve one's skin clarity.  I liked the moisturizing properties as it helps to prevent acne and fine lines. The winner from these four is the cacao mask due to its amazing benefits and heavenly cacao scent, and because I can use it as a makeup remover. Perfect product when we are soooo tired upon returning home. The Diamond Glow Overnight Masque comes in at a close second, as I like how moisturised and radiant my face looks the next morning!



As much as I love dolling myself up by applying makeup, but I feel taking care of one's skin is more vital. With good skin, less makeup is needed... And you have a nice canvas (your face) to work your art (makeup) on!

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Achieve your desired skin clarity with KLARITY.
To find out more, visit the following sites!
Klarity's Facebook page :
Klarity's Instagram page :

KLARITY can be purchased online at this e-retailer -, or get it at one of these retail outlets - Sephora, Pink Beauty, Sasa and BHG departmental stores.

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