Salon De Choix - Hair Color & Highlights Last Longer with Olaplex

My pampering moments at Salon De Choix are what I look forward to every month. In my recent trip down to the salon, I got to have my hair base re-colored, had a new color for my hair highlights, protected my hair with the Olaplex range (healthier hair with the colors lasting longer), did a hair treatment and had my hair trimmed. I can't express my heartfelt thanks to the wonderful peeps at the salon for taken of my hair for the past THREE years --- My hair looks good and healthy, and more manageable! Three years on this journey with Salon De Choix..... Wow! XOXO!

Lovely hair = Happy me!
 photo 01_.jpg

Preparing to get my hair treated and pampered!
 photo CIMG3849_.jpg

Snacks + Drinks + Magazines
 photo CIMG3851_.jpg

Simply needed a touch-up at the hair roots area!
 photo CIMG3857_.jpg

Chester (My wonderful stylist) and I had a short consultation and discussion. He suggested that I could try a different shade for my base color since I had the brown base color for awhile. In addition, since I felt that I would like to have brighter highlights. Chester suggested trying out a darker shade for my base color, which he promptly suggested that I try burgundy as it has been a while since I had this colour.

My highlighting color is from the Majiblond series.
 photo CIMG3858_.jpg

A burgundy shade from Loreal's Majirel series was selected.
 photo CIMG3860_.jpg

The dye for my highlights was the first to be applied onto my hair.
 photo CIMG3863_.jpg

For this hair makeover session, Chester recommended a different highlighting technique instead of the usual "several streaks applied in each section on a few areas". His suggestion was to have a full section of hair to be dyed in the highlight shade (under the Majiblonde series) in the inner layer. Initially, I was taken aback, as I felt it would be like color blocking, or rather like a patch of brightly-colored highlights. He assured me that as our hair moves freely when we move, it would not be like what I thought since the highlighted area will "mix" with the base color.

The highlighting technique that he suggested as shown in below picture 
 photo CIMG3864_.jpg

Once the dye application for my highlights was completed,
it was time to allow the dye to settle into my hair.
 photo CIMG3871_.jpg

 photo CIMG3876_.jpg

Next, the burgundy base color was applied to the remaining parts of my hair.
 photo CIMG3877_.jpg



It was my first time that I heard of this brand "Olaplex".  This brand hails from California, and only to  be used in salons. It has been widely raved about in many international publications like Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Elle. In fact, it is said to be the "HOLY GRAIL FOR COLORED HAIR" since it protects your hair no matter how bold the hair color is, and how you want to bleach your hair to achieve the awesome color. Even Kim Kardashian swears by it, and no she was not being sponsored nor is Olaplex's spokesperson or brand ambassador.

 The products are marketed as a form of "insurance for your hair". From my understanding from what my stylist Chester had shared with me, the use of Olaplex products dramatically reduce hair breakage, for healthier hair, and to have your hair color last longer. Don't get me wrong, this is not to replace the hair treatment procedure. It is to be done BEFORE any hair treatment procedure.

The Olaplex range has 3 different steps:

No. 1 is a single ingredient additive mixed into hair color/balayage dyes and/or lightener/bleach. This multiplies molecular bonds inside the hair while the hair is being coloured - Meaning no more damage when colouring hair. This also means that the hair color lasts much longer as the internal structure of the hair has been enhanced.

No. 2 is a cream-based version of No. 1. This is to be used just after rinsing off the color dye, leave it for 20 minutes before shampooing the hair. This perfects and strengthens the bonds inside the hair while using conditioning agents. By now, your hair integrity is greater and more enhanced, hence making it to be more receptive to all other products and treatments. Example, more effective conditioning treatments, styles last longer, and less styling products need to be used to achieve the desired effect. 

No. 3 is to be used at home to strengthen your hair in between of chemical services.

 photo CIMG3890_.jpg

Hair professionals also dish out advice that we should only color our hair once every three months as frequent colouring will cause the hair to be weak which will lead to hair loss or breakages. Isn't it good that there are the Olaplex products out there that helps in making our hair stronger and more resilient to hair breakages? In addition, we can start playing with our hair colors more often, since our hair will be well-treated with Olaplex, having healthier  hair and a more vibrant hair color which lasts longer! After a few weeks, my hair still looks very healthy and feel smooth, and not that dry-looking despite all the hair color jobs!

I loved the fact that Salon De Choix believes in not beautifying our hair... They believe in giving their precious clients healthier and stronger hair. Think about it, what is with having beautifully-done but unhealthy and weak hair? Hence, do request for the Olaplex treatment when you are at Salon De Choix! Paying a bit more and to have healthier hair in the long run is worth it!!! I would love to have this incorporated in my future sessions at Salon De Choix.... IT FREAKING WORKS!

Other than the Loreal professional salon range, Salon De Choix carries the Shu Uemura brand too. 
 photo CIMG3883_.jpg

For this makeover session, I got to try the hair treatment products from the Shu Uemura Art of Hair range. I was glad to be able to try it, as I I have always loved the makeup range from this brand. From their website, it was stated that "the brand offers a beauty ritual for the hair. Built around the philosophy of Mr Shu Uemura and his experience in the field, the company supplies haircare and hairstyling products to the finest of salons, drawing on rare, natural ingredients magnified by science". There are different ranges of products to cater to different hair conditions and needs. The Shu Uemura Color Lustre range was used in my case.

Allowing the treatment cream to be fully absorbed into
my hair strands after it was applied onto my freshly-colored hair
 photo CIMG3884_.jpg

After rinsing off the treatment cream and having my hair to be towel-dried, the stimulating concentrate from the Kerastase Densifique range was massaged into my scalp. This serum helps in strengthening the hair bonds so that there will less hair breakages. It also helps to promote hair growth and gives a thickening effect, which is good for the long-haired us since we tend to lose more hair strands on a daily basis.  This was the second time that I used it. The first time was during my previous session in July. I could witness the improvement within one month, hence this is one treatment serum that I highly recommend! 

Stimulating Concentrate serum from
the Kerastase Densifique range
 photo CIMG3887_.jpg

As I am currently trying to grow my hair longer, Chester did only a bit of snipping to give my hair some layers and snip off a lil at the ends. Next, it was the hair blowing/styling moment to give me the final end-result of this hair makeover session - Of not just beautiful-looking hair, but HEALTHY and STRONG hair too!

Love the hair curls which Chester did for me! 
 photo CIMG3892_.jpg

Simply love the highlighted streaks which matches well
with my base color, yet very contrasting as well.
 photo CIMG3893_.jpg

 photo CIMG3897_.jpg

 photo CIMG3898_.jpg

Back view
 photo CIMG3900_.jpg

 photo CIMG3901_.jpg

 photo CIMG3902_.jpg

Chester did his finishing touch to my hair using
the Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine.
 photo CIMG3905_.jpg

Ask for the Moroccan Oil procedure when you are Salon De Choix.
They offer the full range to use at the salon,
or you can buy and use it back home.
 photo CIMG3889_.jpg

 photo CIMG3909_.jpg

Remember I told you the highlighting technique which
Chester suggested to me? As you can see, this is how it looks like...
 photo CIMG3927_.jpg

And when you flip the upper layer down, the "color block" area would not be so visible.
 photo CIMG3928_.jpg

Instead, it blends in well with the other layers of my hair,
giving it gives an overall harmonised look.
 photo CIMG3929_.jpg

No awkward color block at all! 
Chester was right. Glad I took up his recommendation!
 photo CIMG3930_.jpg

In fact, I grew to love the highlighted area.
It looks prefect, especially when it is kinda visible when I
clip my fringe backwards into a high bump and thicker highlighted
streaks can be seen. Something different and unique!
 photo CIMG3931_.jpg

This is the final look! Love the whole outfit and of course,
my newly-done hair! Thanks Salon De Choix and Chester!!! 
 photo 02.jpg

If you are interested to make an appointment at
Salon De Choix,

mention my name 'Feliza'  when you call to the salon 

and get 20% discount off your total bill for the month of SEPTEMBER

(Not applicable for promotions)

CALL TO BOOK AN APPT: +65 6836 2959!

My stylist's name is Chester! 

For more information about Salon De Choix, 
check out their FACEBOOK!

Salon De Choix is located at: 
3 Killiney Road #01-06 
Winsland House 1
Singapore 239519

Thanks for reading my blog post.
Hope that you will visit Salon De Choix for your next hair session.
Give your hair the opportunity to be well taken care of by the professional team.

Here's a photo taken with my stylist, Chester!
Do get him to attend to you especially if you like my hair color!
 photo CIMG3916_.jpg

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