Singapore Night Festival 2015 - Glitz and Glamour

The Singapore Night Festival has indeed come a long way from the beginning, ever since its inception 8 years ago. And for this year, the Singapore Night Festival 2015 has proven to successfully wow the city with its spectacular live performances and lighting art installations, given the huge turnout which I witnessed last weekend when I was there.

Before I went to the event, I have no idea what to expect, nor have an idea where I should go or what I should watch... Except that I chanced upon videos of some arts performances on Instagram which caught my interest. For you out there, you can visit the official Singapore Night Festival website at, to get more information pertaining to the acts and displays that will be happening for the second AND final weekend for this event.

 photo CIMG3769_.jpg

You know how we were warned not to play with fire when we were young? Seems like there is the fun and thrill in playing with fire (with practice and under professional guidance and safety precautions, of course haha!) when one gets older... As what the team from local Flow Arts collective Starlight Alchemy has shown us. :p

 photo CIMG3619_.jpg

 photo CIMG3625_.jpg

 photo CIMG3650_.jpg

 photo CIMG3651_.jpg

 photo CIMG3652_.jpg

 photo CIMG3654_.jpg

Overloaded with cuteness, is The Anooki. They are the smallest Inuits in the world, and the playful nature of theirs did not fail to entertain the crowd who gathered at the grass lawn right in front of the National Museum of Singapore. They are aired for about seven minutes each time, with a seven minutes' interval between each "performance". I caught the performance twice... Once for photo taking, once for video filming purpose.

 photo CIMG3672_.jpg

 photo CIMG3673_.jpg

 photo 01.jpg

 photo CIMG3685_.jpg

 photo CIMG3689_.jpg

 photo CIMG3691_.jpg

 photo CIMG3696_.jpg

 photo CIMG3699_.jpg

 photo CIMG3706_.jpg

Check out the 7-minutes performance of The Anooki in my video below:

After watching The Anooki, I went into the National Museum to view the Little Nyonya's Dream exhibition, and took photos with some of the printed Nyonya characters (Hi fellow Peranakans! ;p ).

 photo CIMG3713_.jpg

 photo CIMG3733_.jpg

I decided to call it a night and head off for supper, when I was greeted by a tune of addictive beats. Walking towards the crowd that had once again gathered at the grass lawn, I saw a group of performers that were dressed in LED-illuminated outfits, moving to the beats and rhythm of their own music creation.

 photo CIMG3745_.jpg

 photo CIMG3747_.jpg

 photo CIMG3762_.jpg

 photo CIMG3766_.jpg

 photo CIMG3775_.jpg

 photo CIMG3777_.jpg

I like this shot alot, with a guy in the dark background. And no prize if you guess correctly on who my muse for the show is. :p
 photo CIMG3778_.jpg

 photo CIMG3788_.jpg

 photo CIMG3797_.jpg

 photo CIMG3802_.jpg

 photo CIMG3804_.jpg

 photo CIMG3814_.jpg

 photo CIMG3817_.jpg

 photo CIMG3826_.jpg

 photo CIMG3841_.jpg

 photo CIMG3843_.jpg

 photo CIMG3835_.jpg

These entertaining and talented folks, which I have found out later, is a group named World Beaters Music, hailing from the United Kingdom (Oh London, I miss you so!!!). I love their high-impact drumming, how their drums and costumes utilized LED lighting into their performing acts, and how they interact with the audience! Their performance was certainly the highlight of my time at the Singapore Night Festival, and was certainly the best way to end off my Saturday night!!

Check out my video that I filmed of the World Beaters Music!

This is all that I am blogging on, in regards to the Singapore Night Festival 2015. I hope it had gotten you interested to head down this weekend to be part of this modern arts festival. There are some performances that will be showing this weekend, so check out the official website for the exact zones and timings.

I would have gone down again this weekend to catch the other performances and art installations... However, I am overseas from now till next week, so I have to give this weekend a miss. I'm still glad that I have gone down last weekend, and I am still very amazed with the drummers even to this day. :)

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