Looking for a good hair salon in Orchard Road, Singapore?

I personally feel that it can be a headache or hassle to search for a good hair salon, where you trust the professional hair stylists with your beloved tresses - Whether it is for a hair trim, hair color, hair rebonding or perming, hair treatment, etc. After having my hair cared for by Salon De Choix for almost to two years (in a few months' time!), I know it is not only important to have just trust... The knowledge and experience of the hair stylists are equally imperative. And I know, my hair will be well taken care of at Salon De Choix. :)

So it was a trip to Salon De Choix, a day after my birthday.
 photo DSC04884_.jpg

I had some slight split ends problems, which I was sure it will be improved...
Under the care of my stylist, Chester.
As well as the products that Salon De Choix uses for their clients.
 photo DSC04882_.jpg

 photo DSC04875_.jpg

As usual, after being ushered to an empty seat, one of the staff at Salon De Choix would ask what I would like to drink. All drinks come served in a small tray, along with a packet of (YUMMY) biscuits.

My stylist, Chester, then came by and we had a chat on what I was looking for to achieve during this time's hair session. I told him that my hair was getting slightly dry and my hair roots are showing my original hair color. He advised that he would not recommend doing any new hair color job this time round due to my hair's current condition. Instead, he will touch up the hair roots to a color as close to my current colored hair.

 photo DSC04885_.jpg

I did ask Chester how he would know to use the required amount of hair color mix in order to get the hair color that was as close to the majority of my hair. I mean, I would not know the right amount to mix the various ingredients to produce the hair color dye!!! And his reply totally made sense! Haha! I guess, it also boils down to working experience. :)

 photo DSC04888_.jpg

 photo DSC04889_.jpg

 photo DSC04890_.jpg

After the hair dye had been applied to my hair roots, I tucked into my cup of tom yum noodles, which has been prepared for me. 

 I always love how Salon De Choix makes sure their clients are well taken care of, while getting their hair done! Lovely music, cool air-conditioning, massage chairs when washing hair, a good selection of warm and cold drinks, food, variety of local and foreign magazines, and lots more!~ Yes, I am in love with their value-added service!

 This is certainly a great way for Salon De Choix
to differentiate itself from most of the otther salons! ;)

 photo DSC04897_.jpg

While waiting for the hair color to be 'eaten' into my hair, I realised that a plastic film was placed to cover my hair. I also noticed that the high-tech machine (like the one in the picture below) was not used on me, but the lady whom was sitting behind me did use it. I was sure there was a reason as to why it was not used on me, so I asked Chester. He explained that as my hair condition was quite dry, so he chose not to use that in my case. He further elaborate a lot theory to me, but no I am not going to bore you with that. In short, Chester said that it depends on the client's hair condition, and it has nothing to do with cutting corners and stuff. Hence, please bear this in mind, in case you were never treated to the machine kind.

 photo DSC04899_.jpg

 photo DSC04901_.jpg

After coming by a couple of times to check on the hair dye's progress, he gave the green light to have the hair dye washed off. And boy, I was delighted! That simply meant that I could lie back and relax on the electronic massage chair while getting my hair washed by Alvin, the guy that always assist Chester for my hair. Alvin does a good job in giving a relaxing hair wash that I always joke that his future girlfriend will be very lucky as he can help her to wash her hair! Haha! 

 photo DSC04903_.jpg

Next, was a two-step hair treatment for healthier hair!
 photo DSC04906_.jpg

 The Loreal Kerastase Concentre Pixelist was sprayed onto my hair and then gently massaged.
 photo DSC04907_.jpg

Next, the steam mist machine was used for about 15 minutes.
 photo DSC04910_.jpg

 photo DSC04911_.jpg

2nd step to the hair treatment was using the Loreal Kerastase treatment cream.
 photo DSC04913_.jpg

The hair treatment cream was applied onto my hair and manually massaged into my hair.
And more was put especially for those annoying hair ends of mine! :p
 photo DSC04915_.jpg

 photo DSC04916_.jpg

 photo DSC04919_.jpg

A hair rinse was carried out after the hair treatment was done.
Chester then trimmed off the split ends and 'thinned' my thick tresses.
 photo DSC04922_.jpg

The ultimate blowout begins!
 photo DSC04924_.jpg

We were only halfway there but it was looking so fabulous already!
 photo DSC04929_.jpg

Mostly selfie shots of the end result in the following...

 photo DSC04934_.jpg

Big, luscious hair waves,curled to perfection!
 photo DSC04937_.jpg

 photo DSC04938_.jpg photo DSC04939_.jpg

 photo DSC04946_2.jpg

 photo DSC04952_2.jpg

 photo DSC04955_.jpg

Check out how well the touch-ups were blended with the rest of my mane! (See photo below) I am not singing their praise just because they are my sponsor... Even if they are not, I AM amazed. This is what I need from a hair salon, and I am proud that the team at Salon De Choix are able to deliver such great results!

 photo DSC04956_.jpg

I still love my so-called hair highlights.
Story about it in [THIS POST], which left me pretty fascinated with the end results too.
 photo DSC04962_2.jpg

Was actually taking my OOTD photo, of my spaghetti top's back strap design.
And when I saw this photo that was taken, I was like, "My.... What nice curls!".
 photo DSC05010_2a.jpg

BUT..... Just to share with you, my dear readers, you can get a whooping 20% discount for any full-priced hair service at Salon De Choix till 15 September 2014.

This is their anniversary special! 
So book an appointment with them now! 

CALL TO BOOK AN APPT: +65 6836 2959!

 photo 10552481_787908331253261_7141211081820651708_n.jpg

If you are interested to make an appointment at Salon De Choix,

mention my name 'Feliza'  when you call to the salon

and get 15% discount off your total bill~

(Not applicable for promotions)

CALL TO BOOK AN APPT: +65 6836 2959!

My stylist's name is Chester!

For more information about Salon De Choix, 
check out their FACEBOOK

Salon De Choix is located at: 
3 Killiney Road #01-06 
Winsland House 1
Singapore 239519

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