Treasure the BREAST Things in Life!

The Breast Cancer Awareness Talk which I attended last year made a difference in my life. I learnt how to conduct my own Breast Self-Examination and to do it regularly. Last year, I showed my support for the Pink Ribbon movement by wearing the Pink Ribbon brooch pin and dressing in pink on every Friday during the month of October.

Why October.... As  the Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) takes place every October, where Breast Cancer campaigns take place globally so as to increase public awareness of breast cancer, and to draw attention to the research and efforts being made to improve breast cancer treatment and prevention. Just so that you know, Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women in Singapore. One in 17 women develops breast cancer in her lifetime.

Breast Cancer Awareness 05

I knew I would want to show my support for the 'Wear The Pink Ribbon' campaign again come October! Thus, I went in search for the Pink Ribbon donation box whereby I can get a pretty Pink Ribbon brooch pin just by donating $2. I went in search for the donation box at one of the Watsons stores but to no avail as they did not participate in the campaign this time round, unlike last year. As I was very determined to get it as I also planned to give it to the 2 other ladies in my company. Thus, I called the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) hotline, of which the lady who attended my call told me that I can get the pins at all Jean Yip Beauty & Slimming Centres and Tangs departmental stores islandwide. Lucky thing was that there was a Jean Yip branch at the shopping mall I was at, so I headed there.

Breast Cancer Awareness 06

I got 3 in total - 1 for myself, 2 for the two ladies in my office.
Thought that it would be nice to share my support for this cause with them. :)
Breast Cancer Awareness 07

And if you realized, there is a new corporate logo for the BCF. As mentioned in the BCF's website, "The new logo comprises two ribbons placed side by side to form a heart, the universal symbol of both male and female. The two ribbons represent the changing relationship dynamics of society today, that information dissemination and moral support for breast cancer are no longer driven by women alone but by men as well. This is why the grey ribbon represents the male and the pink represents the female advocate. By pairing the grey with the pink, BCF is making a bold statement that breast cancer is no longer just about women but that men also play an equally important role in spreading the word".

This year's Pink Ribbon brooch pin design!
One of the ribbons is encrusted in diamante crystals! Awesome bling-bling!
Breast Cancer Awareness 04

So, 05 October 2012 marks the first Pink Friday for me!
Breast Cancer Awareness 03

Breast Cancer Awareness 02

Breast Cancer Awareness 01

When I was at Raffles Place on Friday, I saw from a distance away, a Pink Ribbon volunteer whom was wearing a pink T-shirt, carrying the donation box and getting people to support/donate to the Pink Ribbon cause. When I was done with my stuff after an hour plus after and standing by a poster reading it, the same volunteer approached me from the side... My hair was covering the collar pin, but when I saw it was her, I proudly showed my Pink Ribbon to her. And she smiled widely at me and thanked me. In my heart, I should be the one to thank her... Afterall she's the one who sets aside time, standing under the hot sun, and getting people to donate. What I am doing for BCAM is nothing as compared to her. Really.

You CAN do your part to support the BCAM by getting the Pink Ribbon brooch pin at all 
Jean Yip outlets (Click here for locations) and Tangs departmental stores.

On top of that, show support to the cause and the wonderful volunteers who will be along Orchard Road on 07 October (Sunday) by getting the Pink Ribbon from them!

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7 October 2012 at 09:31

You are so beautiful. Love every pose, and everything about you. You are wonderful Feliza, d3lonely

11 October 2012 at 21:24

I enjoyed reading your articles. This is truly a great read for me. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles.

13 October 2012 at 10:49

You are a fair lady, with a really sweet voice. Everything about you are beautiful and sexy. You are pretty by photo but fairest in real. Love your dry hair, it dry but it didn't take away your beauty, you are sexy, have a big boobs, but your beauty are build by head to toes. Love your pose and dance also, remember seeing you posted a dance move in a contest, super sexy and attractive. You are beautiful princess Feliza. D3lonely

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