Shopping! Aldo Wedges

One of my most 'worth-it' purchase that I did last month is definitely this pair of wedges which I got from Aldo. This was the one I wore in the picture found in this recent blog post of mine.


Despite its height, this pair of wedges is really comfortable. Not too steep, in fact.And a head-turner, it was (I don't mean me, I meant the wedges)! Many whom I chanced upon while wearing it seemed to be so curious about the wedges. Like the other day when I went for my hair threading session, the therapist at Browhaus was rather fascinated about it.The only thing that I have to be wary about when I wear this is not to twist my ankle.For beauty, I risk. :p


I also bought another pair of Aldo heels on the same day that I bought this.
Pics of it another day! Ciao!

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27 May 2012 at 23:17

It's really pretty :-)

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