Lunch at Sushi Tei, Bedok Point

Had a late lunch today at the Sushi Tei branch at Bedok Point. It was my first time at Bedok Point, and I must say that there are a good number of F&B establishments present. Have anyone of you been there? It is conveniently located near the Bedok MRT and bus interchange, about a 3-5 minutes away.

Apart from the usuals that I always order, I also ordered the Crunchy Tuna, which consists of mini bite-sized tuna sushi rolls. It's quite nice, but I didn't like the sauce that came with it. The grilled hotate (scallop) with teriyaki sauce was nice too. I'm still feeling VERY full, even till now. Heh!

This is the Crunchy Tuna. $9.  photo(9)

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26 April 2012 at 02:49

Greetings, O sweet lady

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