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Certainly felt like I was living a high life, when I was picked up by a splendid limousine one evening, which drove me to Klapsons Hotel, where an event by was held.


So I sipped champagne water while watching the world went by (and office crowd in Raffles Place rushing off after knocking off from a day's work), while seated comfortably in the luxurious limo which was equipped with a good sound system.


And coincidentally, Lady Gaga's MVs were being played! She's one of my faves, so that completed the whole limo ride experience totally! :)


And when you thought that the star treatment was just the limo ride...
There was more than that, waiting for me! :D


Shoulder massage for me...

Hand massage too...
(There's back massage too, but I didn't try that).


Nicole's having a good time too! :)

What's a girl without her nicely-manicured painted nails? Heh!
As I just had my mani done, the manicurist did a cross painting of
a shimmery light brown shade on my hot pink nails.


Here's a caricature drawing of me!


A variety of food awaited us that evening. There was a lucky draw where winners won a night stay at selected hotels locally.

This event was held as the online hotel booking company is in search for Singapore's Next Social Travel Star, where a pair of travel hosts will travel and review 12 unique hotels across four countries, sharing with you how a Right Room in a hotel should be like.


As for me, I certainly have my own personal requirements and preferences when I choose my hotels for my staycations and leisure trips. And not forgetting the fact that I have been traveling for work around the region for the past year, I started having my own preferences when it comes to hotels for business trips. I plan to blog about some of the lovely hotels which I stayed previously, as there were some of you who asked me. So, look out for it! Ciao! :)

4 Response to Be Pampered by

3 April 2012 at 21:02

thats a huge limo!

3 April 2012 at 23:35

Like your new look very much,you just too be beautiful,princess.D3lonely

4 April 2012 at 15:17

This is not the first time i said you're pretty,and won't be the last, you are the jewellery in many guys eyes i guess,be it is with make up or the real you,you never fail to bring a smile on my face,even it just by looking on your photos,you're very special,a very sexy and pretty girl,and i guess it don't really matter what you wear,everything look extremely beautiful and sexy on you. Guess the one that will be with you till the end will be the most blessed man,you're really beautiful princess,thank for all the photos. D3lonely

6 April 2012 at 01:14

Your back really look very sexy and beautiful,update more of your attractive photos princess,D3lonely

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