So I called the Police...

One day, I was in a cab traveling to my destination along the CTE. Out of a sudden, I saw a motorcyclist fell off from his bike and his bike skidded on the road. Thankfully, the car that was behind of him was not driving too fast on the highway. Otherwise, the driver would have hit him.

But why did the motorcyclist fall?

So this was what happened:
A lorry driver probably did not check his side mirror (Irresponsible!) and simply filtered right to the middle lane. The bike 'kissed' the back of the lorry and fell. The biker laid there in pain, injured, probably with a fractured arm. But the lorry driver did not know anything... Or perhaps he knew... I was not sure. BUT he drove off.

When I saw how the biker fell, I shouted "Oh My God!". Those words of shock came out of nowhere but it was simply a natural reaction of mine. I mean, afterall, I am a pillion rider at times... I wouldn't want anything to happen to my biker or me. Right? Luckily, a police car was entering into the CTE from Balestier Road and stopped to help the injured rider.

But it shocked me that the lorry drove off... Just like that!!?

So when my cab driver drove further down along the highway and I spotted that idiotic lorry had stopped at the side, I got my driver to stop the cab. A car had already stopped there too. Apparently, that car driver witnessed the accident and chased after the lorry driver to get the latter to stop. They were arguing and the lorry driver maintained that he did not cause the accident.

I was furious! Even if he felt that he did not knock the biker directly, he should at least stopped to check on him. I shouted, "WHY ARE YOU QUARRELING HERE WHEN YOU SHOULD BE CHECKING ON THE BIKER?!!". I got into a shouting match with him when he kept insisting that it was not his fault. I was rabid, alright...

I don't know what came over me, but I simply opened the cab door and aimed my camera at his lorry and vehicle plate number to take a picture (as seen below). Thinking back, it was rather dangerous that I did that. He was quite near me so he could have easily snatched my phone and throw it towards the road!

Afterwhich, I got back to the cab and asked the cab driver to drive off. Awhile later, I called '999' and reported the case. I described the physical appearance of the lorry driver and told the police the vehicle plate number. Awhile later, a Traffic Police officer and also an I/O from Tanglin called me for more information regarding the accident.

I hoped that the lorry driver would be brought in for questioning.
I am not sure what happened after that day... But I really hope that the biker is alright.

For all these years, it scares me whenever I witness any bike accidents.
The bike accidents that I usually see were those that had already happened... Simply means that the biker was either:
- Already sitting by the road side hugging his injured body part
- Being carried into the ambulance
- Or the worst scenario, already covered in that white cloth (May God bless your soul.)

So this was my first time that I really witnessed a bike accident, right before my eyes.

I have 2 scar marks from the bike's exhaust pipes from many years ago. But that's nothing.
I have friends who got injured while riding bike. Metal pieces inserted into their bodies.
I know of someone who passed away from a bike accident, and he was only 23 years old.

Riding is dangerous. Because drivers don't usually give a hoot about bikers.
And this is one thing I simply detest.

Not many people know, but I actually did went for motorcycle lessons.
Nothing could deter me from doing that.
I really love feeling the wind coming towards me as I ride.
The thought of owning and riding a Vespa is something that I always wished for.
But I stopped.

By the way, whatever we do is dangerous. Not just by riding a bike.
One can simply die by choking on a fish bone or while crossing the road.
If a car is safer than a bike, imagine the scenario where one is stuck in the car and is unable to escape out of it before the car explodes....

There you go.

P/S: An ex-NPCC cadet doing what she had to... To be a 好公民. :p

5 Response to So I called the Police...

13 December 2011 at 19:46


13 December 2011 at 20:47

respect sista! :)

13 December 2011 at 21:08

thumbs up! you speak up for many of the fellow riders!!

13 December 2011 at 21:27

Thanks for reporting the case to the Police. I agree that we have terrible drivers in Singapore. I almost got knocked down recently myself by a taxi driver who refused to use his signal light when filtering left on the road up Mount Faber.

Incidentally, I used to ride a scooter when I was younger and enjoyed the rush of wind through my hair. I also got knocked before from the back by a taxi, but thankfully I came out quite OK. Too many lives have been lost to drivers who care more about beating the clock than preserving the lives of fellow road users.

14 December 2011 at 20:16


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