Clothes Shopping before Black Friday / Cyber Monday

For this month, I have been out of Singapore for 9 days. 9 days for last month. Always busy before and after my trips. Thus, apologies for the lack in blog entries. But I have been updating on my Twitter account, so you may like to check out my Twitter: @felizaong. That's like my mini blog, allowing me to update while on the go, in whichever country... Practically wherever I may be!

I have been doing lotsa shopping recently (Both in shops and online) - Clothes, Shoes, Beauty-related items, etc... I will definitely be posting most of them up, which I just need to find time to do that. But nevertheless, here's what I bought online a week ago! Before the Black Friday madness haha! :)

Got myself a Plunge Bra from
Great for low-cut tops/dresses. :)


Remember the Red/Black dress as seen in the picture below?
ASOS 221011

I love it soooo much, that I got myself a full black one!

Bought these 2 polos from Aeropostale.

Since then, I stopped all my US online shopping till last Friday.
For I was waiting for the Black Friday sale!
It is an annual event which businesses in the US give out amazing discounts and deals!
Of course, there are a few local businesses which got into the act too!

Wanna know what's my Black Friday haul?
Stay tuned! ;)

Oh! I was anticipating much for the Cyber Monday sale too.
But imagine my disappointment when there wasn't much fantastic stuff
(as compared to Black Friday).
Glad I did lotsa shopping over the Black Friday weekend!!! Major love!


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1 December 2011 at 06:56

You are a nature beauty with a killing look. Those who saw you so running in that sport bra will be so blessing. You're really very pretty and sexy. D3lonely

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