Pink Fridays during Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

I made a personal pledge with myself to "Wear The Pink Ribbon" on every Friday during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). And taking one step further, to also dress myself in pink! BCAM happens every October, where Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns take place globally.

I made this pledge after attending my very first Breast Cancer Awareness talk conducted by Singapore's Breast Cancer Foundation, a non-profit charity organization. During the talk, I was given an overview of breast cancer, the importance of early detection, how to conduct breast self examination and a survivor sharing her experience.

The talk took place during the Dell event which I was invited to, whereby we were also introduced to the Dell Inspiron 13z laptop, which comes in a pink color limited edition! Certainly brilliant of Dell (and the PR company) to have actually thought of combining both of their pink laptop launch and the pink movement together!

So here's my journey with the Pink Ribbon so far... :)

07 October... Dressed in a pink star-printed cardigan.
Was ill and on MC that period of time, but nothing could stop me from showing my support! :)

14 October 2011...
(And for the record, my pin was on my left chest, alright...
It was the mirror effect that made it look like I wore it on my right.)

21 October 2011...
It was a busy week for me, but a pink Friday awaits me!

I do like this brooch pin alot. Not just because it signifies that I am in support of the BCAM campaign, but the design is really pretty, don't you think so? :) It has a diamante crystal in the middle, which certainly brightens up whatever one is wearing.

Show your support for this Movement by getting the Pink Ribbon brooch pin at any of the Watsons stores like how I did. Simply head to the Watsons cashier counter where you can see the Pink Ribbon donation box, donate a minimum sum of S$5 and get one of these pins (as seen below).

By the way, check out the Pink Shelves Programme by Watsons. Watsons have adopted the Breast Cancer Foundation as its official charity for 2011 and is committed to raise $100K for BCF through the sales of products from Brands, Johnson & Johnson, L.D. Waxon & Procter & Gamble found on their Pink Shelves in over 40 selected stores. For each of these products sold, 10-cents will be donated to BCF.

There is one more Friday for the month of October. I know pledging to wear pink and the Pink Ribbon pin is no biggie, but at least I made and stuck on to that pledge. On top of that, I also pledged to myself to conduct my own Breast Self-Examination (BSE) regularly. During the talk, we (ladies) were shown a video as to how to correctly examine one's breasts for early breast cancer detection. To be honest, I had no knowledge on going about doing that prior to the talk, thus I am glad that I attended this Dell event. Simply click [HERE] to check out the PDF file as to how to go about doing your very own BSE.

Treasure the Breast Things In Life! :)

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